MOFFETT gives hope to “Project Espwa”

Hiab stories | 28 may 2021 10:36 AM

Espwa is the Haitian Creole word for hope and it's also the name of an Irish charity dedicated to providing facilities and implementing best practice for disadvantaged children in Haiti.

In January 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti and an estimated 250,000 people died and at least another 300,000 people were injured. Since 2010, Project Espwa has focused on helping Haiti, Dominican Republic and Honduras with on-site construction work and shipping of humanitarian goods (anything from hospital beds, mattresses, bed linen, towels, blankets, wheelchairs, clothes, building materials and Cul Camp gear) from Ireland to Haiti. To help with the re-construction project in Haiti, a team of local volunteers from Dundalk (including a MOFFETT employee), donated their services and a truck mounted forklift was provided via Hiab USA to help on site.

Project Espwa has a warehouse facility in Dripsey, Cork where they store all collected/donated goods until they have enough for a container or two to send to Haiti. The charity organisation has sent six containers so far this year and they buy the containers and donate them to be converted there into housing, offices, clinics or storage units. This reduces the carbon footprint making best usage of the containers and their contents when emptied and donated goods distributed.

To further help with this relief project and logistics, the team at MOFFETT have recently donated a truck mounted forklift to the warehouse facility in Dripsey, Ireland. Rogier van der Linde, Senior Vice President comments; “We at MOFFETT Engineering are very pleased to support project Espwa and their facilities in Dripsey. We are sure that the logistics are made easier with our MOFFETT donation.”

You can find out more and donate to Project Espwa here:

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