Always the right solution

Your business is constantly changing. That is why we keep making our load handling equipment stronger, tougher and smarter. Combined with reliable support, intelligent services and a growing number of connected solutions, we help you maximize your performance.

Whether you are transporting construction materials, hauling timber, making home deliveries at nighttime, or keeping our living environments clean, we offer you the right solution for loading, unloading or moving things. We understand the specific requirements of different applications and the practical realities of your daily work. That is why we can help you secure maximum uptime, safer operation and a business that runs efficiently.

Waste and recycling

The amount of waste to be moved and recycled increases significantly every year. This means that your work also increases, requiring even better performance and more flexibility. At the same time, you have to keep a high safety level and protect our environment. We help you join the dots from collection points to waste transfer stations, to processing centres and beyond. With a comprehensive offering of recycling cranes, hooklifts, skiploaders, tail lifts and truck mounted forklifts, we have the right solution for every waste or recycling need.

From early morning to late night... we are there the whole way, giving waste a future as a new source of material.

Retail and last mile delivery

It’s difficult to find a segment in which customer demands are increasing more rapidly than in retail and last mile delivery. Deliveries in cities are subject to an increasing number of regulations. The last mile has often to be the quietest and the greenest. Our tail lifts help you secure faster lead times, while our emission-free MOFFETT eSeries enables greater flexibility in planning out of hour’s deliveries and comply with tough environmental regulations.

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Food, beverage and warehousing

In food and beverage and warehousing there is an increasing demand for cleanliness, productivity and reliability. At the same time, you need to maintain high personal safety. With our broad range of load handling solutions, we help you tackle all the challenges, make the most of the available space and operate more efficiently.

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Decades in defence

With over 60 years’ experience in hydraulic load handling equipment, Hiab is a stable, yet innovative leader in load handling solutions for the ever-changing logistics environment. Hiab Government Business Operations, founded in 1976, is dedicated exclusively for the defence sector. As part of the large, financially secure Cargotec, we offer resources, experience and stability for long-term procurement that’s vital for successful defence programmes worldwide.

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Meeting tighter delivery and budget targets means that the construction business has an increasing need for high-performance load handling solutions. With Hiab, there is a solution for every task, no matter what you need to lift or move. Get the highest strength for the weight along with the balance, speed, flexibility and smooth operation to manage the toughest jobs, without compromising safety or quality.

Heavy material lifting

  • Improve safety levels and reduce personnel.
  • Reach close and/or far away when placing diverse types of objects.

Onsite loading and unloading

  • Add agility to move around at congested construction sites.
  • Reduce labour needs, and increase flexibility.

Construction scrap handling

  • Possibility to transport waste material from rubble to valuable recyclables.
  • Reduce time needed to clear construction sites from excessive material.

Product suggestions:

HIAB L-HiPro 235
HIAB X-HiPro 858


Forestry is a global business, demanding high productivity every day. We share your passion for the forest and for over 50 years, we have helped our customers bring timber to the paper and sawmills as efficiently and safely as possible. Our LOGLIFT and JONSERED cranes are made for forest people, by forest people. Rugged and reliable, they keep you productive year-round in any weather.

Transport and logistics

In the transport and logistics sector, you need high-performance equipment to receive, store, deliver and dispatch goods in the shortest possible time. With Hiab’s wide range of load handling solutions, no cargo is too heavy, too bulky or too delicate. Discover our comprehensive portfolio of loader cranes, skiploaders, hooklifts, tail lifts and truck mounted forklifts that will help you ensure faster, safer and more cost-effective deliveries.

  • Rental services
  • Container handling
  • Material load and drop
  • Brick and block handling
  • Onsite delivery and collection

Product suggestions:

HIAB X-HiDuo 258