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Decades in defence

With over 60 years’ experience in hydraulic load handling equipment, Hiab is a stable, yet innovative leader in load handling solutions for the ever-changing logistics environment. Hiab Government Business Operations, founded in 1976, is dedicated exclusively for the defence sector. As part of the large, financially secure Cargotec, we offer resources, experience and stability for long-term procurement that’s vital for successful defence programmes worldwide.

Pioneering the future today

Backed by significant investment in R&D, we’re working to push the boundaries of logistics and load handling forward together with our partners. For example, our HiVision camera technology is pioneering autonomous operation. Using Virtual Reality goggles, controllers and connected cameras, you gain more precise operation, save time, increase safety and lower logistics costs.

Fit-for-purpose design

We believe user needs are the key drivers for any technical innovation. Responsiveness guides our design and manufacturing to ensure every solution is fit-for-purpose. Experience and regular feedback from the end user enable us to facilitate new designs and adapt existing products to handle almost any defence payload application. Coupled with unwavering quality, these practical designs ensure you can handle any extreme or combination of stresses, climate and terrain.

Worldwide supply and support

Hiab provides solutions, products and services in more than 100 countries in 600 different locations. Hiab Government Business Operations can supply products worldwide to any specified standard. The organisation is both ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 accredited, guaranteeing a procedural approach to order requirements and sustainability. We’re with you from the early stages of design through the whole lifecycle with support and service.

Trusted in Action

Hiab load handling solutions are proven in action in expeditionary missions and are in continuous use by defence and aid organisations around the world. Yet we’re more than just a supplier. Relationships based on openness and trust, built over many years with customers and suppliers alike, give us an integrated project team approach to providing world-leading logistic solutions. We’re proud to serve as the standard for NATO and US defence forces, as well as working long-term with other European and many Asian countries.

Long-term partner in defence

Any defence operation needs a good logistics system behind it to keep it supplied and to enable sustained high-performance in action. Hiab Government Business Operations has been supporting defence forces for over three decades, and the global requirement for Hiab load handling systems in defence logistics has grown by tenfold from its inauguration in the mid 1980s. To date, Hiab Government Business Operations has supplied over 40,000 defence products for forces worldwide, providing flexible and highly effective logistics support.

Diverse range of defence-grade solutions

Today's payloads are as diverse as human imagination can conceive. Hiab Government Business Operations specialise in effective, compliant solutions to match any need – from manoeuvres to deployment to meeting the challenges of the last tactical mile. With our rough-terrain forklifts, hooklift concepts, cranes and more, you have a range of capacities for any suitable prime mover, subject to engineering interfaces.

Leading-edge vision technology

As pioneers in load handling, we believe the best way to shape the future is together with customers, answering real-world challenges. Our award-winning HiVision™ connected system is our latest answer. Incorporating Virtual Reality goggles, controllers, and connected cameras, you gain more precision, savings and safety while opening new possibilities for autonomous operation.

Simplifying operations in high-stress conditions

We understand that every moment and movement saved is an advantage out in the field. That’s why our cranes have the option for Crane Tip Control (CTC) so you can move the crane tip quickly and precisely with minimal effort. The computer selects the ideal path from one point to another so you can focus on your load instead of on your crane’s motion.

Pushing logistical advantage further

As global interoperability becomes a key operational requirement, the hooklift concept is recognised as the most cost-effective way to provide fast, flexible frontline logistic support. Standardised flat-rack capabilities allow our MULTILIFT hooklifts to carry and switch between multiple payloads such as artillery ammunition, water, fuel, shelters and ISO containers – an advantage proven in United Nations humanitarian support missions and major conflicts worldwide.


Hiab is committed to manufacturing excellence in all its worldwide facilities. This is achieved with continuous investment in state-of-the-art processes, equipment and people. The result is a highly skilled and motivated workforce equipped to provide the best possible products and service to our customers.

Hiab original spare parts

Hiab Original Spare Parts are designed specifically for HIAB, MULTILIFT, MOFFETT and ZEPRO equipment, ensuring premium quality and reliability. They give you the optimal performance you've come to expect from the world's leader in load handling solutions. You can purchase your Hiab Original Spare Parts from us or any of our partners.

Worldwide support

Hiab is organised to support all our products in many parts of the world throughout their complete service life. From the early stages of design, we take whole life costs into consideration, ensuring that you can expect a truly lifelong, cost-effective solution.

Hiab connected solutions will put your one step ahead

The well-connected are always one step ahead. In addition to delivering class-leading load handling equipment, Hiab is developing a comprehensive suite of Connected Solutions to further enhance your productivity, efficiency and safety. The data from your Hiab equipment is right at your fingertips.

Discover how easy it is to stay in constant contact with each unit of your fleet — every lift, every movement, everywhere. Know in real time if there’s risk for unplanned downtime. Know when and where idle time happens to convert it into profitable hours. Stay one step ahead of needed maintenance. With everything connected in one place, you have total control.

Explore Hiab's suite of connected solutions

Hiab is the leader in connected solutions and is in the process of launching a comprehensive suite connecting you to a new future of powerful productivity. Explore two of our latest advancements here. Together, we’ll set new benchmarks for defence.

Hiab crane operator training systems

Training loader crane operators can be a costly business. The hands-on operator training burns a lot of truck fuel and adds hundreds of extra running hours to the truck engine. Early steps in the crane operation tie down training personnel and mistakes do happen in spite of a closely guided approach. Cranes are hydraulically powered so damage to the kit is inevitable and often costly.

Hiab Operator Training rigs have been developed to remove these wasteful elements of operator training. Using augmented reality, the crane operator can learn to operate the controls system and operating lever sequence with total confidence. Skills are taught and practiced via a digital image of the crane rather than the real thing – saving fuel, the engine and nerves. If things go wrong, nothing gets broken. Only when the novice operator feels confident enough to operate the real thing, will he or she be able to start the truck engine and operate the loader.


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