Standard and custom Hiab installations for your truck

All installations are carried out to the highest quality and safety standards; each crane, hooklift or truck mounted forklift is installed onto a vehicle by Hiab’s expert service teams to guarantee the best possible fit for optimum performance.

  • Standard installation follows an approved and efficient process that has been designed specifically for Hiab equipment.
  • Hiab’s custom installation starts with design and sketches that factor in how the equipment/machinery will be used.



The journey through our installation process

1. Engineering

Installation starts with creating the technical documentation. Detailed CAD drawings, hydraulic diagrams, and wiring diagrams give a complete picture before work begins ensuring your needs are understood and will be met. This phase is only for custom installations, not standard installations.

2. Mounting

Mounting is carried out by trained technicians from one of our certified workshops or dealers, following prescribed working methods and using only Hiab original parts and tools. This work is done to the highest quality standards so the equipment performs at its peak for maximal operational uptime.

3. Final test and inspection

Before handing over the equipment, quality and stability control tests are performed to ensure safe operation and that all technical specifications as outlined in the engineering phase are met.

4. Handover

During delivery a complete review and familiarisation of the operating functions and service needs are carried out. If comprehensive training is needed, a Hiab sales representative can take care of this.


FrameWorks standard installations

Standard installation solutions from Hiab are products and services that support bodybuilders and installers around the globe in reducing installation times and accessing highly professionally designed pre-fit equipment.

Hiab contributes to serving its customers through the offer of solutions that optimize time, reduce handling efforts and that last long mankind the investment truly worth it. Discover below more about the many solutions that are available.


Watch the video and learn more

Our standard installation offering

FrameWorks and BodyWorks for medium and heavy range loader cranes

Hiab FrameWorks is the pre-manufactured, fully bolted system with subframe solution to install the medium and heavy rangeHIAB loader cranes. Hiab BodyWorks is a modular bolt-on system to create a flatbed and drop-side bodies out of your FrameWorks subframe.


T-Bodies for T-cranes

Hiab T-Bodies are specifically designed ‘ready to install’ rear truck installation packages for professional load and lifting purposes, capable of fitting on a wide array of truck brands.They represent the optimal setup for your HIAB loader crane and total package offer. What matters is being able to dedicate time to the business, while reducing that required for internal procedures or setup times that do not contribute to the bottomline.


Multibeams for loader crane and hooklift combinations

Ever wished you could mount a crane and hooklift on the same vehicle? Now you can, thanks to MultiBeam, part of the next generation of Hiab FrameWorks.

Consisting of two beams and an attachment kit, Hiab MultiBeam is our new flexible, two-in-one solution, designed to meet the productivity needs of users in the waste handling, recycling and forestry industries. Not only multifunctional but also stable, durable, and simple to install, MultiBeam simultaneously extends the functionality of your equipment and reduces your workload.


Customised installations

Achieve the perfect installation for your business needs with Hiab’s customised installation service. The Hiab installation team will sit with you to understand the specific requirements and support the entire process from engineering to handover. Sketches and technical drawings will form the basis of the installation and be followed throughout the process to guarantee the final result is exactly what was ordered.