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HIAB T-Cranes

The HIAB T-Cranes are a stiff boom HIAB light range model with a folding structure optimized for transportation. T-Cranes are ideal for smaller to medium sized truck installations and are exceptional for material handling, adding flexibility to each loading and unloading operation.

The Duo control system and the optional HiDuo control system provide you all the assistance of functions that add safety and ease of use. These small cranes are ideal for a wide range of material handling needs when handling lighter materials. The special nDurance paint protection finish further contributes to making the crane look and last longer.

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T-Crane Models


8110 ft-lbs Capacity, Manual Control, Max Reach 8’10”, Weight 330 lbs.

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HIAB T-Duo 018

15490 ft-lbs Capacity, Manual Control, Max Reach 10’2”, Weight 460 lbs

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HIAB T-Duo 023

17350 ft-lbs Capacity, Manual Control, Max Reach 14’9”, Weight 600 lbs

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HIAB T-Duo 029

19900 ft-lbs Capacity, Manual Control, Max Reach 18’4”, Weight 750 lbs

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HIAB T-HiDuo 038

30980 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 19’10”, Weight 860 lbs

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T-Crane Features

HiDuo Control System

The HiDuo control system with XSDrive remote control brings an unprecedented level of safety to operations without reducing performance. This highly flexible system will make your business safer and more profitable with all electronic functions, managed by our SPACE system, which includes Overload Protection (OLP) and Automatic Duty Control (ADC). When approaching an overload condition, the crane gives an audible and visual signal at 90% capacity and will stop all radius increasing functions once full capacity has been reached.

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Industry Challenges


Hiab's industry leading technology provides world class, industry leading safety features that keep operators safe and in control, minimizing risk to individuals or the environment. With the smart technology solutions of HIAB’s loader cranes and MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts, human driven errors and unsafe operations are reduced.

Industry Leading Warranties

Saying you are confident in your product is one thing, warranting it is another. All Hiab equipment comes with a 2-year warranty on the entire product. Further warranty on the structural parts is extended to 5-years on Cranes. Meaning, Hiab covers repair or replacement of components for 2-years on all components and up to 5-years on main structural components. There's no better or more comprehensive warranty in our industry. Certain normal exceptions, such as replacement of consumables, apply.

Warranty Statement Summary

Knuckle-Boom Warranty Brochure

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