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Truck Mounted Forklift

Our commitment to solution driven design is reflected in the versatility and functionality of each MOFFETT truck mounted forklift. Innovative design delivers simple and efficient load and unload of the forklift itself and it's cargo. Go where the work is with ease with durable and tough construction that is still light and maneuverable. All backed up by a global service network with the expertise to keep your investment working day after day, year after year. A MOFFETT forklift will not disappoint.



A MOFFETT Truck Mounted Forklift for Every Application

MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. To find out which MOFFETT best fits your industry application, click on the link below and select your industry.

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Truck Mounted Forklift Product Ranges



The MOFFETT M4 is a durable, compact, and low profile static mast design truck mounted forklift, which is light enough to be carried on virtually any truck or trailer. Operators will appreciate the low entry point of the operator’s compartment, as well as enjoy partial accessibility to single side off-loading.

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With a 5000 lb lift capacity, the M5 Range is an extremely capable and versatile machine with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. M5 models are our lightest available with a secondary reach Pantograph system for single side off-loading and the ability to double stack, as well as with a 4-way steering system for negotiating tight access areas with long loads.

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With lift capacities from 5500-8000 lbs, the M8 Range is an extremely capable and versatile lineup with an impressive power-to-weight ratio. M8 models are available with a secondary reach Pantograph system for single side off-loading and the ability to double stack, as well as with a 4-way steering system for negotiating tight access areas with long loads.

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With a lift capacity of 5500 lbs, the MOFFETT M9 55LP Range is a heavy duty, low profile, moving mast, truck mounted forklift which uses MOFFETT’s Freelift Mast™ design to enable lifting the load up to 48” without changing the overall mast height.

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Poultry Machines

With a lift capacity of 6000 lbs, the MOFFETT M9 Range is a heavy duty, low profile, moving mast, truck mounted forklift designed specifically with Live Haul operations in mind. MOFFETT’s Freelift Mast™ design enables lifting the load up to 28” without increasing the overall mast height, which is particularly useful inside coops with low ceilings or obstructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a truck mounted forklift?

A truck mounted forklift, or TMF for short, is a category of equipment used to load or unload heavy materials during onsite deliveries. Most significantly, a Truck mount forklift "mounts" to the back of a cargo carrying transport vehicle. It can easily be transported from site to site.

Do you need a license to drive a forklift?

No, but truck mounted forklifts fall under OSHA's guidelines for Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT). While there is no specific requirement for an motor vehicle license, OSHA does require initial and periodic training and (re)evaluation according to OSHA 1910.178(l).

Is a forklift a vehicle or equipment?

A forklift is an industrial vehicle categorized as a powered industrial truck (PIT). They are used to move various materials over short distance. A typical forklift consists of a small truck frame with an attached mast assembly that raises and lowers the load. Moffett truck mounted forklifts have the added capability of being able to be mounted to the transport truck.

Is there an age requirement to operate a truck mounted forklift?

Yes, according to OSHA, "It is a violation of Federal law for anyone UNDER 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone OVER 18 years of age who is not properly trained and certified to do so."

Can I operate a truck mounted forklift on the road?

Generally, yes, when used for loading and unloading materials. Regulations vary from state to state so we would recommend checking for any state or local regulations regarding forklift operation on public roadways. Certain states require registering truck mounted forklifts similar to a motor vehicle.



Remote Ground Mount

Remote Ground Mount (RGM) allows the operator to completely mount or dismount the MOFFETT without the need to climb onto or off of an elevated forklift. With up to a 25' range, the wireless remote control allows the operator to stand away from the machine and traffic during the mounting and dismounting process. This means staying out of the line of traffic or other jobsite hazards while giving optimal visibility during the mounting/dismounting process.


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MOFFETT accessories are the ideal solution for your material handling needs. With a broad range of specialized accessories, your MOFFETT can be adapted to get the job done! Download our accessories data sheets for more information

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MOFFETT exceeds industry expectations by setting the standard in safety and user-focused control systems, so every working day is optimized while keeping operators safe and in control and minimizing damage to the cargo.


Industry Leading Warranties

Hiab USA Inc. warrants that new Moffett M Series machines (excluding M9 60.3) will be free from defects in
materials and workmanship (under normal and proper use, maintenance and service) for two years or the first 800 operating hours after delivery to the initial purchaser, hirer, or lessee, whichever shall occur first. Hiab USA Inc. will repair or replace, at Hiab USA Inc’s sole option, any defect in materials or workmanship at no charge during the specified warranty period. This warranty is subject to the following conditions.

Warranty Statement Summary