Hooklifts & Roll-Off Cable Hoists


Hooklifts & Roll-Off Cable Hoists

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Hooklifts & Roll-Off Hoists

We offer the largest range of hooklifts and roll-off cable hoists. The right equipment can change the course of your business. With the perfect hook lift or roll-off cable hoist on the back, you can increase daily productivity. Incorporating unmatched safety features, smooth and fast operation with a high-tensile steel structure, MULTILIFT and GALFAB will help you start and finish each job efficiently and on time. Pair loading capacities with the truck’s available or legal payload for maximum longevity. With our hooklift systems and roll-off hoists, quality assurance and digital solutions are backed up by a global service network that keeps your equipment performing at optimum levels all year round.

A MULTILIFT or GALFAB for Every Application

MULTILIFT hooklifts come in all shapes and sizes. To find out which hooklift best fits your industry application, click on the link below and select your industry.

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Hooklift Systems & Roll-Off Hoists


XR Series Hooklift (single axle)

The MULTILIFT XR series hooklift is here to work, providing the versatility, efficiency, speed, and safety to enhance your business. superior piece of equipment from construction to operation with flexibility in mind. As your list of workplace challenges grow, so can your operation by simply adding additional body styles needed to get the job done (flatbed, dump body, etc…).

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Optima Series Hooklift

The MULTILIFT Optima series focuses on the 30,000 lb. lifting capacity. Available in three lengths and ideally paired with heavy-duty single axle (add lift axle to achieve greater legal payload) or light tandem axle chassis. This value-based package implements simplified controls and the unmatched Ultima construction. Make no mistake, it’pure workhorse.


Ultima Series Hooklift (multi axle)

Standing still is never an option. The MULTILIFT Ultima series takes technology and features to the next level. It’been engineered with radical innovations that provide the operator with greater control, safety, and productivity. The Ultima literally takes 30-year leap in hooklift technology, pushed and field-tested in extreme conditions by militaries around the world.

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Commander (shipping container handling)

This MULTILIFT hybrid hooklift and ISO shipping container (intermodal) handler delivers value and versatility. One minute you’ll be delivering equipment or supplies to the job and the very next dropping off an onsite storage container. Move your shipping containers “AS IS”, without the need for physical alterations. brilliant example of flexibility and productivity.

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Roll-Off Cable Hoists

GALFAB roll-off cable hoists are recognized throughout North America for their best-in-class quality construction, reliability and efficeincy. Originally designed by the legendary Don Galbreath, our roll-off hoists come in number of designs: outside rail (standard and heavy duty), inside/outside rail, above frame or deadlift. Secure the load with our patented “Hooker” system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What capacity hooklift or roll-off cable hoist do I need?

If you already own or have purchased a truck, it’s a byproduct of several things (CA / CT, after frame, GVWR, placement of battery or tool boxes, etc…). If starting from scratch, you have the luxury of selecting the right hooklift or roll-off cable hoist for the job and then a truck that fits best.

Will the MULTILIFT hooklift or roll-off cable hoist match the system(s) I already own?

YES. Our knowledgeable staff and dealer network will assist in finding that perfect match. This will avoid the headache of having to deal with costly container or body alterations. Be prepared to supply the following information: existing brand, model, capacity and some basic truck information.

What length of containers can I use with the hooklift or roll-off cable hoist?

Understand that roll-off cable hoists can carry a wider range of container lengths, some as great as 12’ to 24’. A hooklift handles a more specific range of container lengths and varies based on unit select. Consult our staff or dealer network for exact details. Also note that cubic yardage is not a fixed number, change the side height, container length or both and you’ve altered the cubic yardage.

MULTILIFT Hooklift Features


Electric Cab Controls

All MULTILIFT systems are outfitted with electric cab controls as a standard feature, not an upgrade.

GALFAB Cable Roll-Off Features


Easy Maintenance

Greasable roller shaft is removable with two bolts for ease of replacement and maintenance, designed to increase your productivity and to keep you on the road.


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MULTILIFT hook lifts and GALFAB cable roll-off hoists are designed to increase your productivity to tackle the most demanding waste and recycling jobs while keeping the safest environment for your operator and his surroundings.


Industry Leading Warranty

Using premium quality steel and components, superior workmanship and the industry’only 2-year all parts warranty, MULTILIFT hooklifts and roll-off cable hoists are built to last. Because we build them with the utmost care, we’re able to back them with confidence. When reliability counts, look no further.

Warranty Statement Summary

MULTILIFT Warranty Brochure

2023 GALFAB Warranty