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Commander Series Hooklifts

MULTILIFT Commander Series Hooklifts

Productivity comes down to having the flexibility to take what the job throws at you. With the MULTILIFT Commander series, you can be more productive than ever. The Commander is a hybrid hooklift and ISO shipping container (intermodal) handler, bringing valuable versatility to your hooklift.

This shipping container handling equipment can handle containers that are 20’ long by 8’ or 8.5’ tall, but it can also operate as a normal hooklift system handling 20’ to 22’ long bodies. Durable and adjustable, it enables you to switch from carrying flatracks to lifting ISO containers at the push of a button, allowing you to be ready for whatever comes.

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Commander Series Models



46000 lbs Capacity, 8290 lbs Ship Weight, 61.75” Hook Height, 20’-22’ Body Lengths

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Electric Cab Controls

All MULTILIFT systems are outfitted with electric cab controls as a standard feature, not an upgrade.

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MULTILIFT hooklifts are the safest in the industry. At the bare minimum, all systems include: in-cab operation, body up warning system, hook safety latch, maintenance support and mechanical body locks. Operate with complete peace-of-mind.


Industry Leading Warranties

Using premium quality steel and components, superior workmanship and the industry’only 2-year all parts warranty, MULTILIFT hooklifts and roll-off cable hoists are built to last. Because we build them with the utmost care, we’re able to back them with confidence. When reliability counts, look no further.

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Spec Sheets

MULTILIFT - Hooklift Pump _ Hydraulic Data

Ultima 21S Commander - Hooklift Tech Data

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MULTILIFT - Commander Brochure

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