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MULTILIFT Performance Option Package

Save on the job and on the road

Maximise operations productivity with the Performance Option Package. Use the latest technologies to achieve faster operations, shorter standstills and more loads per day for reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.



Save time

Speed is the key to more profitable and sustainable operations. Get more done in less time using less energy with the Performance Package and raise the bar for operating efficiency.


Save money

Make hooklift work lighter, faster and smarter with the performance option package which reduces diesel consumption by up to 25%. These hooklifts are equipped with more energy-efficient patented hydraulics compared to the competitors. Your truck engine will run less, using less fuel but with the same work output.

Save your ears

Pollution is not just about CO2. Reducing noise for the operator and in particular in residential areas is important for health. Faster cycle times, lower engine RPMs and friction relief technology combine to generate less noise during operation.

Save the environment

Achieve a lighter dead weight for considerable reductions in CO2 emissions during road transitions. Lower emissions during active operation by up to 25% with a regenerative system that requires no increase in engine RPM by the driver.

MULTILIFT Performance Options Package

Performance Options™

Enhance your power to perform and boost your hooklift to the next level with optional functions tailored to your needs. Choose from a variety of functions or add them all on for faster tipping and lowering, state-of-the-art noise reduction and reduced diesel consumption for less CO2 emissions

Increase operational speed

Fast Performance™ delivers fast lowering, fast tipping and fast speed functions for a significant productivity boost.

Automate sequence flow

Sequence Performance™ gives you the flow and control of automatic sequencing at the touch of a button, making unloading and tipping.

Cut the noise

Quiet Performance™ uses friction relief technology to lift the front body and eliminate vibration and noise, protecting your ears and the environment from excessive noise pollution.



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