Loader Cranes

The most advanced model platform within the EFFER loader crane range of products.

Remote controlled loader crane.

CE marked.

19 Tm range capacity loader crane.
The EFFER iX.195HP with JIB option is a reliable and high performing mid range crane, also fit for JIB applications. The SPACEevo intelligence enables high speed in combination with precise and smooth operation, combined with a vast catalogue of features, such as Automatic Duty Control which secures a longer life span of the crane, supporting maximum uptime and productivity of your business. Combined with a tool on the crane or JIB tip, it is as versatile as a swiss army knife.

The EFFER iX.195HP has the longest outreach on the market in this segment, making it the natural choice whenever you need to reach far out or high up. The JIB option makes the crane fit for light duty lifting applications where horizontal reach at higher altitudes are needed.

The optional CombiDrive 4 remote controller is the newest and most sophisticated controller on the market, supporting both productivity and safety.

Standard & Optional features

Model specifications

Control System
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (M)
Lifting Capacity (kNm)
Manual Extension Outreach (M)
Weight (Kg)
EFFER iX.195 E-2EFFER iX.195 E-3EFFER iX.195 E-3 Jib 45X-2EFFER iX.195 E-4EFFER iX.195 E-4 Jib 45X-2EFFER iX.195 E-4 Jib 45X-3EFFER iX.195 E-5EFFER iX.195 E-5 Jib 45X-2EFFER iX.195 ES-2EFFER iX.195 ES-3EFFER iX.195 ES-3 Jib 45X-3EFFER iX.195 ES-5EFFER iX.195 ES-6

Load diagrams

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EFFER iX.195 HP E-2
EFFER iX.195 HP E-4 JIB 45 X-2
EFFER iX.195 HP E-4 JIB 45 X-3
EFFER iX.195 HP E-3 JIB 45 X-3
EFFER iX.195 HP E-5 JIB 45 X-2
EFFER iX.195 HP E-5
EFFER iX.195 HP E-6
EFFER iX.195 HP ES-2
EFFER iX.195 HP ES-3
EFFER iX.195 HP E-4
EFFER iX.195 HP ES-4
EFFER iX.195 HP ES-6
EFFER iX.195 HP E-3
EFFER iX.195 HP ES-5
EFFER iX.195 HP E-3 JIB 45 X-2
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