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Waltco Liftgates

Lifting Made Easy


WALTCO promise safety, efficiency and reliable performance - every time

A WALTCO liftgate is the ultimate reliable and steady partner that will elevate your business productivity. Leading technology and quality performance will help to unlock the full potential of your load handling operations. Smart solutions help to maximize uptime while keeping both the operator and the working environment safe. From purchase through to after sales service and maintenance, the total cost of ownership of a WALTCO liftgate pays dividends for your business.

New - WALTCO FM Series Delivery Made Easy

In collaboration with Morgan Truck Body, the WALTCO FM Series is changing the industry with this All in One Final Mile Solution. With the liftgate integrated into the truck body as the rear door, you get the benefit of having a liftgate without the added weight.



New - WALTCO HDC and ZS to boost your business

Introducing the HDC 33/44 and the ZS 33/44 MK2, the new generation of heavy duty liftgates. Both the HDC 33/44 cantilever lift and the ZS 33/44 slider lift are designed to maximize uptime and provide reliable support for your operation.



A HIAB is not just a piece of machinery, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimize workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by HIAB’s exceptional global service network.

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WALTCO Liftgate Company History

The HIAB liftgate journey has crossed international borders to become the most trusted on-road load handling equipment provider; a history forged in the deep forests of Sweden and modernized with engineering technology from the North American aerospace and energy industries.

Over the past 50 years our lift range has grown to include cantilever, column, slider, tuck under, and special application lifts. A strong tradition in innovative and lightweight design, using the toughest and most durable steel and parts has always kept us one step ahead.

High-tech digital solutions are now reshaping our history and underpin the safety of ZEPRO, DEL and WALTCO liftgates that make up the Hiab liftgate family.

Today, HIAB's reliable, versatile and enduring lifting continues to set the standard and push boundaries, lift after lift after lift.

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