How can HiPerform smart solutions improve fleet performance?

Can your whole fleet do the right thing at the right time?

Optimize your decisions with near real time data. Let us ensure that your equipment is available when you need it with proactive service. Onboard and upskill crane operators anytime and anywhere. Hiab HiPerform smart solutions improve fleet performance and productivity by optimizing asset utilization, preventing unplanned downtime, as well as minimizing fuel costs and mistakes. Let HiPerform take a load off you and your fleet.


Optimize fleet management with data

Hiab HiConnect provides near real time data from Hiab equipment on our user-friendly web portal. Understanding where, when, and how the equipment is being used lets you optimize operator, equipment, and fleet performance. Valuable insights allow you to make the right decisions in an ever changing reality. Service planning will be based on actual usage levels. This maximizes fleet and asset utilization, performance, and safety – and minimizes downtime and guessing.

Maximize fleet utilization with proactive maintenance

Hiab ProCare is your private service department that saves you time, money, and hassle, allowing you to concentrate on running your fleet. Preventive maintenance maximizes uptime and asset availability, and minimizes unplanned downtime and grumbling. You can be sure that the equipment keeps doing what it is supposed to do, year after year.

Less negative surprises, more planned positives

ProCare handles maintenance planning and execution for you for a fixed monthly fee. It offers cost predictability and maximizes lifecycle value while minimizing unplanned downtime, total cost of ownership, and worries. You also save money and time by not having to source services and parts.

The speedy and efficient way to fix it

With superior parts availability, repairs are executed quickly and efficiently. Our local Hiab Service branches respond quickly with remote service capabilities and emergency on-site repairs and dedicated customer care. As our service workshops and vehicles are equipped with commonly used parts and components, service is speed and the first fix rate high.

All the skilled operators you need

Hiab HiSkill simulator training improves operator performance and prevents costly mistakes. The combination of virtual reality and real equipment enables training anytime and anywhere. Operator test rates improve and training costs are cut by up to 50%. Your equipment will be used to make money and not tied up in training.

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Find out which HiPerform smart solutions are available to you

ProCare service contracts

ProCare is a comprehensive service contract solution for Hiab equipment. It provides proactive maintenance and expert assistance to maximize equipment performance, reliability, and lifespan.


HiSkill crane operator training

HiSkill is a virtual reality training simulator to train new and experienced crane operators in a safe, scalable and cost-effective manner.


HiConnect equipment insights

HiConnect is a telematics solution that provides near real-time data access to Hiab equipment. This data is used to monitor the health and performance of equipment, identify potential issues, and make data-driven decisions about fleet safety and utilization.