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Less negative surprises, more planned positives

Procare is a preventative, predictive, comprehensive, and fixed fee service contract solution for Hiab equipment. Its differing levels provide proactive maintenance and expert service that minimizes unexpected downtime and unplanned service breaks while maximizing equipment performance, reliability and lifespan.

World class technicians at your service

With a Procare Essentials plan, services are performed at set intervals based on your equipment model and usage. All maintenance is completed using OEM parts. Trained Hiab technicians inspect and test each unit, replacing filters, fluids, and valves to ensure peak performance. Technicians note any worn or damaged parts to avoid costly repairs in the future, which lead to a potential loss in revenue due to unexpected downtime.

Equipment that always works is good for everyone

A Hiab Extended Warranty simply extends the factory warranty of your equipment for up to 3 more years. Should an issue arise, Hiab will repair your equipment to get you back to work. Ensuring piece of mind and minimizing risks.

Take a load off your people and your balance sheet

With Hiab Total Repair and Maintenance, not only will your equipment be provided with all the Hiab preventative maintenance services, like our Essentials plan, but also wear and tear items will be covered. Hiab will be regularly inspecting equipment during preventative maintenance services for wear and tear, technical or safety issues, which will be repaired in most cases with no additional costs. This eliminates red tape as most repairs would not need a separate approval allowing you to keep your business moving.


The total cost of ownership of a HIAB loader crane was reduced by 20% with ProCare Total R&M in a five year case study. Let’s find out what ProCare can do for you.


In an uncertain world,
reliability is key

With ProCare, you can choose a customized service package that fits your needs and equipment:

ProCare Extended Warranty
ProCare Essential
ProCare Total R&M

Whatever the package,
ProCare always offers:

  • Maximised uptime with equipment specific maintenance plans
  • Predictable costs
  • Professional technicians and Hiab original spare parts
  • Protect your investment with documented service history
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and increased resale value.

Choose the package that fits your needs

Hiab Procare Plans are available for most Hiab Cranes and Truck Mounted Forklifts. Hiab Procare is available in three different levels, Extended Warranty, Essential, and Total Repair and Maintenance. Each level offers service from Hiab trained technicians using genuine Hiab parts to keep your equipment running in peak

Loader Crane PM Schedule

Truck Mounted Forklift PM Schedule

Let the trained expert do it

In-depth OEM knowledge and high-quality service ensures that your equipment performs optimally and for longer. Our highly skilled technicians regularly undergo evaluation and factory training with the latest product models and features, ensuring both highest level of competence and efficiency.

For the warranty and resale value

When the service is performed by authorized Hiab technicians, you can be certain that the equipment remains under warranty. A documented service history, the use of original Hiab spare parts and high quality service can increase the resale value of the equipment by up to 10%.

The speedy and efficient way to fix it

With superior parts availability, repairs are executed quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and maximizing operational productivity. Our Hiab service vehicles are equipped with commonly used parts and components, which speeds up the service, minimizes downtime costs, and maintains a high first fix rate.

Fast response when you really need it

Our local Hiab Service Branches respond quickly with emergency on-site repairs and dedicated customer care. Our remote service capabilities speed up the resolution time.

Lock in pricing with Service contracts

Procare Contracts lock in pricing for covered services. Letting you worry about other issues and know that your equipment will be cared for.


In-depth OEM knowledge and high-quality service ensures that your equipment performs optimally and for longer.