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Large Knuckle Boom Cranes

HIAB Heavy Duty Cranes

The HIAB X-HiPro range of large knuckle boom cranes are the market’s leading heavy segment large knuckle boom cranes. With our industry leading, cutting edge HiPro technology, such as Semi Automatic Folding (SAF), Load Stability System (LSS-V), Variable Stability Logic (VSL), CombiDrive remote control, V200 Hydraulics and Space X4 control systems, crane performance is optimized and operation is simplified, resulting in a faster, safer, more efficient and durable crane.

Our innovative functions support and protect your everyday work, saving time and giving you an edge over competition. The continuous slewing system adds flexibility and speed to this crane’s operations with models available with up to ten extensions and optional JIBs for additional reach. The special nDurance paint protection finish further contributes to making the crane look and last longer. Hiab X-HiPro Cranes provide you with premium quality and full control over the toughest jobs to be done.

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Heavy Range Models

HIAB X-HiPro 358

230880 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 64’10”, Weight 10160-11520 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 408

264820 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 69’5”, Weight 10920-12140 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 548

351790 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 95’0”, Weight 11590-16190 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 558

367900 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 47’7”, Weight 10880-12170 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 638

390908 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 103’0”, Weight 14620-18560 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 658

426310 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 55’9”, Weight 12400-15060 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 858

545060 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 114’0”, Weight 16400-22434 lbs

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HIAB X-HiPro 1058

619570 ft-lbs Capacity, Remote Control, Max Reach 114’0”, Weight 17660-23630 lbs

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Large Knuckle Boom Crane Features


Hiab HiConnect™ is a web-based dashboard that displays insights on equipment usage, location, time in operation, idle time, and productivity level. By enabling new insights, it helps you to further increase efficiency, productivity, and safety. HiConnect is the latest technology in terms of connectivity capabilities. Being able to remotely access data is key to maximizing your business with facts instead of assumptions. HiConnect maintains constant contact with all units, giving fleet managers the ability to stop unsafe behavior and usage before an incident happens. With the ability to view service history and plan upcoming services, your fleet has minimum downtime and increases daily efficiencies.

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Industry Challenges


Hiab’s industry leading technology provides world class, industry leading safety features that keep operators safe and in control, minimizing risk to individuals or the environment. With the smart technology solutions of Hiab’s knuckle boom cranes, human driven errors and unsafe operations are reduced.

Industry Leading Warranties

Saying you are confident in your product is one thing, warranting it is another. All Hiab equipment comes with a 2-year warranty on the entire product. Further warranty on the structural parts is extended to 5-years on Cranes. Meaning, Hiab covers repair or replacement of components for 2-years on all components and up to 5-years on main structural components. There's no better or more comprehensive warranty in our industry. Certain normal exceptions, such as replacement of consumables, apply.

Warranty Statement Summary

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