The MULTILIFT Futura 12 Revolutionises Waste Management

MULTILIFT | 14 june 2023 6:41 AM | All pictures taken by Volvo Trucks.

The MULTILIFT Futura 12 Revolutionises Waste Management

Pegasus Skip Hire, based in Stourbridge in the UK, has embraced sustainability by introducing the first skiploader installed on an electric truck, a Volvo FE, into its fleet. It is equipped with the advanced MULTILIFT Futura 12 skiploader that is the perfect fit for Pegasus Skip Hire's daily waste and recycling jobs. Let's explore how this innovative truck is transforming the waste management landscape while prioritising emission free, silent and efficient operations.

The perfect fit for waste and recycling jobs

The MULTILIFT Futura 12 skiploader from Hiab is designed to meet the demands of the waste and recycling industry, making it an ideal solution for Pegasus Skip Hire. Its versatility allows for handling various waste containers, streamlining operations and meeting diverse customer needs. The Futura 12 has an advanced control system that ensures efficient load handling, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Unmatched sustainability

With the Volvo FE Electric truck and a MULTILIFT skiploader, Pegasus Skip Hire showcases its commitment to sustainability. The all-electric powertrain eliminates emissions, reducing the company's carbon footprint and contributtes to cleaner air quality. The Futura 12 has an energy-efficient design that minimises operational costs and high, safe performance.  

Reliability and performance

The MULTILIFT Futura 12 skiploader excels in reliability and performance, meeting the demands of Pegasus Skip Hire's waste management tasks. Its durable construction and high lifting capacity enable rapid and precise loading and unloading, enhancing productivity and minimising downtime.

Pegasus Skip Hire's integration of the Volvo FE Electric skiploader with the MULTILIFT Futura 12 sets a significant milestone in the waste management industry. This innovative and sustainable solution enhances operational efficiency, reliability, and safety while reducing the company's environmental impact. As the first electric skiploader from Volvo Trucks in the UK, the Futura 12 is a move towards a greener and more sustainable future in waste management operations.

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