Safety First


At Hiab, we have spent over 75 years securing the safe operation of our business and our customers' operations. Safety is in fact essential in everything we do, from the way we work and act to the products themselves and throughout our after-care and Services offering.

Here we highlight some examples of safe practice throughout Hiab.

Safe equipment that improves productivity

Hiab equipment is developed with safety as a first priority. We work closely with our customers in order to enhance operator safety and each component is carefully selected to secure the best quality and the highest safety level, allowing our customers to focus on the job at hand.


MOFFETT eSeries NX - Work smarter, greener and safer! A MOFFETT eSeries truck mounted forklift is not only extremely efficient, but its safety in transport has also been verified by MIRA crash test laboratories. The test results prove that the design and construction are solid and robust not just when in use but also in transport.

OZO use the CTC feature to improve productivity and operator safety

OZO, a large waste collection firm working in and around the City of Ostrava in the Czech Republic tell us how they optimise safety for their operators daily with the Hiab CTC feature on their loader cranes. They collect underground and above ground containers daily on their waste collection rounds and use the CTC feature to improve productivity and safety.

Smart solutions that maximise safety

Hiab digital solutions are designed to safely assist the operator to maximise uptime in every working environment. The below films highlight how our HiConnect and HiVision technologies can do exactly just that.

Customer Travis Perkins use HiConnect to improve safety for their operators

With Hiab connected services you are in constant contact with each unit, improving safety and performance and avoiding unnecessary downtime. Our customer Travis Perkins in the UK, tell us why they use Hiab HiConnect to improve efficiency throughout their business operation and safety for their operators.

HiVision represents safety for the operator

“HiVision is best represented by the comfort and safety of the operator." Comments our customer Maik Ungefroren from Transport und Baustoffe located in Germany. They use Hiab's HIVISION technology when operating their LOGLIFT cranes for increased payload and an attractive work environment.

Operator training and safety

Optimising safety at the HIAB test and innovation center

We want our customers to get the most out of their Hiab equipment in every situation. At the Hiab test and innovation center located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, safety is one of our highest priorities. In a controlled environment our customers are assisted to test and verify the different safety features of Hiab products.

Ensuring total customer safety with VSL installation training

In an effort to ensure total customer safety, Hiab technicians and dealers take part in the Hiab loader crane training academy to receive certification in VSL installation. Here you can see a snapshot of the training designed for this excellent system that takes safe care of the crane for the operator.

How we work with safety in our factories

Hiab is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and we work to continuously improve our health and safety performance.

Hiab’s Global Safety Hero

Meet Hiab's Global Safety Hero Chris. Becoming aware of safety risks can go a long way toward preventing incidents. At Hiab, we are dedicated to building a safety culture by sharing best practices, not only related to work but also in our everyday life. Meet Chris, our District Manager for Hiab Services in Florida who always puts safety first, both at work and as a devoted hunter.

MULTILIFT are Hooked on Safety

Since 2018, our Multi-Assembly Unit (MAU) for MULTILIFT based in Raisio, Finland has come a long way on their safety journey. Take a look inside the factory and discover more about their safety journey in this film inspiring film.

MULTILIFT shares insights into its safety development project

Heli Salonen, our Health Safety Environment Specialist at the MULTILIFT Manufacturing Assembly Unit (MAU) in Raisio, Finland shares insights into their work introduction and orientation development project. The project aims to train and familiarise employees about safety at the site. Learn about the initiative in this short film.

How we work with safety in our service centers

Hiab’s global service network spans more than 100 countries and delivers support when and where needed. Our qualified service technicians have an eye for safety and continually work to follow safety protocols and proper operating procedures.

Hiab US service technicians do what it takes to get to the end of the day safely and soundly

Hiab USA's service technicians work hard to keep their customers' equipment running at optimal performance. Safety is their main focus, as they strive to minimise equipment downtime, while ensuring a safe and efficient operation.