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Grúas de carga
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Grúas forestales
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Las grúas de reciclaje
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Truck Mounted Forklifts
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Trampillas elevadoras

World Crane Championship


The World Crane Championship exposes the contestants’ true skills and precision at maximum speed. The race track consists of eight obstacles, which need to be conquered in a set sequence. The operator with the shortest time needed – including any penalties – wins the competition.

Introducing a completely new track, the 2022 edition will separate the true pro from the amateurs. Challenge crane drivers from around the world in a competition where the winner receives prizes adding up to a value of €25,000.

Who will bring the trophy home in 2022?
Jaakko Jääskeläinen 🇫🇮 
Andreas Öhman 🇸🇪
Łukasz Paruzel 🇵🇱 
Peter Rac 🇸🇮 
Trevor Tack 🇬🇧 
Johnny Jensen 🇩🇰 
Yvan Crettenand 🇨🇭 
Alexis Mirande 🇫🇷
James Wolfgram 🇩🇪
are our country finalists and will all be battling it out for the 2022 title. Don’t miss the WCC final taking place on 25 September at IAA.
Remember: Only one can return home as a LEGEND! The winner from each country immediately qualifies to enter the final at the IAA Transportation fair in Hannover, Germany, September 24–25, 2022.

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