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Experience the very best in hooklift technology. MULTILIFT Ultima features a large number of radical innovations that ensure greater control, safety and productivity in any loading duty. See how they can help you increase competitive strength in the film clips below.

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Hook height stop

Program your hooklift to stop at a predefined height for easier operation:
  • Makes it easier to pick up containers and prevents damage to both the hooklift and the load
  • Enables faster and safer loading
  • Stop value is easy to set with Advance or Basic Displays and also possible to configure during installation.


FlexVision makes it possible for the driver to select between 3 different camera angles and get full visibility of the entire container handling operation and the surroundings.
  • Camera angle can be set to change automatically to get the best overview
  • Each camera has an individual overlay guideline that can be adjusted manually. The user can change the shape and/or position of the guideline by dragging on the touchscreen.
  • Improved visibility makes it easier and safer to move in reverse
  • With Flex Vision you can see the coupling, which makes it easy to connect to the trailer

NB FlexVision requires Advanced Display


MULTILIFT LoadCover an automatic sheeting system that gets you on the road fast and safe.
  • Fast, automatic operation that saves you time and effort
  • The tarp can be mounted in front or in the back of the load unit depending on
    your needs
  • Cover system locked in both ends to prevent sideways movements
  • Optimized sturdy design improves stability and protects hoses and cylinders
  • Superfast installation – takes only 1 hour
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Radio controlled

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Fast tipping

Fast speed

Fast tipping allows you to tip the load in a third of the normal time and thus reduce the cycle time for one of the most common operations of a hooklift system.
  • Especially beneficial when the truck is frequently used in dumper type applications. Reduces the tipping time by 40%.
  • Part of a regenerative system that requires no increase in engine RPM, which means using less fuel and creating less noise and emissions
Fast speed is an additional, third speed setting which allows you to unload empty or lightly loaded containers in a third of the normal time while maintaining control.
  • Unloading is performed in a third of the normal time, with full control of the entire operation 
  • Win time and deliver one more container per day
  • Part of a regenerative system that requires no increase in engine RPM, which means using less fuel and creating less noise and emissions

Fast lowering

Performance package

Increase operational speed and boost your productivity with the Fast lowering function. 
  • Lowering is performed in a third of the normal time, with full control of the entire operation thanks to a unique hydraulic circuit
  • Win time and deliver one more container per day
  • Part of a regenerative system that requires no increase in engine RPM, which means less fuel is used and noise- and fuel emissions are reduced
The Performance Package is perfect for maximizing operations productivity. It gives you several different options at a discounted price and includes the following:
  • Automatic sequence control
  • Fast speed
  • Fast lowering
  • Fast tipping
  • Safe speed, end-of-movement  damping
  • Friction relief without middle frame body rollers

Work lighter, faster and smarter and get more done in less time, with less energy. By reducing fuel consumption you also reduce CO2 emissions.

NB This package cannot be combined with other packages.

Automatic sequence control

Z optimised use

Automatic Sequence Control is activated by a single lever movement and gives you a number of advantages:
  • Safe, easy and fast operation.
  • Quick and smooth loading and unloading of the container.
  • Quick and safe tipping.
  • Less risk of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Minimized delay between movements means reduced fuel consumption and costs and lower CO2 emissions.
  • Easy to switch between sequence and manual control if necessary.
Z optimized use is an option for all MULTILIFT Z model hooklifts. It allows for the lowest possible loading angle  and minimized lifting height (approx 500 mm lower):
  • Runs a complete loading cycle automatically, including hydraulic locks, with one single joystick movement
  • Makes operations in restricted height areas easier
  • Minimizes sliding of loose material
  • Includes two operating paths with separate controls optimized for two different scenarios
  • Operate a container from the ground and from a platform/trailer
  • Operate in different ceiling heights
  • Operate containers with different lengths and/or heights
  • Suspension down (heavy load) or suspension up (light load)

NB: Z optimized use requires Automatic Sequence Control.

Advanced display

Basic display

Integrated, smart touch display makes it possible to monitor and control the entire cycle from the cab:
  • Up to four different camera views (optional) for total control 
  • Stay safe and avoid unplanned downtime with real-time information about the status of the loading/unloading cycle
  • Control and adjust features and functions of the hooklift system (optional)
  • Display information about the truck’s status
  • View load indication and weight (optional)
  • Service indicator and troubleshooting
Multifunctional display that shows real-time information and helps the driver control functions such as body locks, working lights and automatic hook height:
  • Clear and simple overviews and graphs
  • Control loading/unloading operation from a safe distance
  • All information is exchanged in hooklift CAN bus

Truck connection

Slope detection

This seamless connection between the truck and the hooklift makes it possible for the driver to control different truck functions from the MULTILIFT radio controller.
  • Start/stop truck engine from the radio  controller to save time and fuel
  • Control engine RPM for increased control of loading
  • As an option, truck information can be showed on the display
  • Pair with truck interface cables to save installation time
  • Available for DAF, MAN, MB, Scania and Volvo

NB Includes CAN wire from hooklift to the truck and programming. Wiring/cabling for cabin controller and power supply are needed additionally

Slope detection both warns and prevents the loading cycle if the lateral tilt is at such an angle that it creates a dangerous situation for the equipment, surroundings or operator.
  • The operator receives a warning whenever the lateral tilt is too much.
  • The operation will be stopped if the lateral tilt is too much.
  • Thanks to PLC control thresholds are easily adjustable in Multilift Service with Service Tool Default warning threshold 2° Default alarm threshold 5° (prevents tipping up)

Main ram protection

Safety latch automatic opening

The main ram protection eliminates pressure peaks during the loading/unloading operation and prevents buckling of the main cylinders:
  • When moving the container from the hooklift onto either a trailer or a platform, the truck remains stationary and the container is pushed by the hooklift
  • If some obstacle restricts the movement, the hooklift will stop and the operator can easily retract the main cylinders to remove the obstacle and then safely retry transferring the container
An extra safety feature for hooklifts with pneumatic latch that saves valuable time and minimizes the risk of dropping a container:
  • Automatic opening when middle frame is turned towards the back
  • Automatic closing when middle frame is lifted up
  • Opening/closing angle is configurated during installation. It can also be changed by service operator.

NB: The feature requires pneumatic safety latch hook type

Safe speed based on load

Load indicator

The Safe speed option features automated speed control based on the weight of the load. It builds on Hiab’s intelligent LoadBoost™ system with protective damping.
  • Loading speed is adjusted to the weight of the load for maximum speed without compromising safety
  • End of movement is always damped and smooth
  • Protects the hooklift and the truck reducing any risk of misuse

NB Option requires basic or advanced display so that LoadBoost may be switched off when e.g. light containers need to be handled slowly and with very high accuracy.

MULTILIFT load indicator provides instant info on load weight while loading the container to the truck. Avoid overloading and roadfines while maximizing your payload.
  • Load Indicator which shows load approximation
  • Empty container 
  • Light load
  • Heavy load
  • Full load / risk of overload

NOTE: This option doesn't include a display which is mandatory (either Basic display or Advanced display)


Short container loading, semi-automatic

Automatic short container loading

When loading short containers you can use this option to pre-set a position where the sliding movement stops. This way you remove the risk of pulling a short container too  far  front and dropping it from rear rollers:
  • Two stop positions are selectable and can be adjusted by the operator on the display
  • Stop positions can be overridden by deactivating the stop function
  • Rope sensor for detecting the container position
  • Prevent collision with a crane mounted behind the cabin (requires additional configuration during installation)
  • No need for any counterparts to containers

NB This option requires either a Basic or an Advanced Display.

Remove risks and increase your safety with MULTILIFT's short container loading. The system automatically senses the length of the container and stops it from falling of the rollers or hitting objects such as a crane placed behind the cabin.
  • Removes the risk of pulling short container too far front and dropping it from rear rollers
  • Prevents collision with a crane mounted behind cabin
  • No need for any counterparts to containers
  • Operator knows the exact length of the container
  • Length information can be used to stop sliding at correct position (manually by user or automatically)
  • Determine the need to engage underrun bar
  • Determine whether the container is safe to transport (maximum overhang exceeded)
  • Automatic, safe & easy, slide position will result in the same optimal overhang regardless of container length

NOTE: For working this option needs DPAD, Advanced display and LOIN, Load indicator or WSIN, Indicative weighing system

Automatic tipping special

Sliding during tipping

Automatic tipping mode combines tipping and sliding and allows the driver to tip goods closer to the ground:
  • Possible to position the container end as close to the ground as possible during tipping
  • Sliding distance is pre-set during installation
  • One button/joystick controls the entire operation
Allows the operator to slide the hook arm forward and backward during tipping and helps deliver payload  with precision close  to the ground:
  • Ideal for spreading gravel, sand and asphalt
  • When spreading asphalt, the container is first positioned to tip the load with minimum tipping angle. As the level of asphalt in the container is reduced, the operator needs to increase the tipping angle by letting the hook arm move forward and slide at the same time.

NB To select this option hydraulic body locking must be chosen. The  body will remain locked during this operation. Please ensure that the container allows for movement and that there are no locking holes (pockets) in the container that may cause damage to the container and/or the hooklift.

Ultima Weighing system

The first hooklift solution to weigh the load while loading. It shows the weighing result in a clear way on the display. The weighing system gives you the weight of the load (with the container) and visually shows the center of gravity

  • Weighing is done automatically during loading cycle
  • Weighing accuracy ±2% *
  • With Hiab HiConnect service you can see, store and analyze the whole weighing history
  • Works for containers with and without rollers
  • Full loads without the risk of overloading
  • Road pitch warning when the hill is near or over hooklift operating conditions
  • System is integrated into hooklift, so it does not require any 3rd party weighing parts

NOTE: With this option DPAD, Advanced display is required

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