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Safety, comfort, visibility. From top to bottom, every bit of our cabins are held up to these standards with uncompromising care. Making sure that your workday in the forest is as productive as possible no matter what harsh weather conditions you are facing.


The all new cabin for LOGLIFT welcomes crane operators to a comfortable and climate-controlled way of working with a panoramic view of the work area. Here are three good reasons why it will make your crane operation more productive and profitable. 

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See more. Do more

The PANORAMA cabin offers market leading visibility with clear views in all directions. The front window height has been increased, providing the operator with an ideal view for loading high piles of timber.

Welcome to take a seat

The seat ergonomics have been enhanced with improved neck rest to fully support the operator. To make operations comfortable all year round, the cabin features better insulation and a refined heating and cooling system to keep it warm during cold days, and cool when the temperature rises.

Silence please…

The PANORAMA cabin has felt interior lining that creates pleasant acoustics and provides the operator a quiet working environment.

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Enhanced in 125 dimensions, Hi-Cab™ is built to perform with immediate benefits and over the long haul. The Hi-Vis™ windows give you clear views, ranking highest in the market in visibility factor. You also gain a new high-performance air-conditioning system and a construction designed for low maintenance, along with OPS-approved door, advanced ergonomics and much more.

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Pure visibility

The innovative Hi-Vis™ panoramic windows give you the industry’s highest visibility factor for great
all-round visibility from the cabin – increasing safety and productivity. 

High performance AC

Strategically placed under the cabin, the AC is well protected against damage without adding additional height. Making sure that you, the operator, is cool and comfortable all day long through the warmest of summers.

Comfortable productivity

The heated seat is both comfortable and adjustable to keep back, shoulders and neck relaxed through long working days. Armrests and pedals are adjustable and all switches are within easy reach.

The Hi-Cab™ in detail


Our history

Back in the early 1950s in the forests of Sweden, forestry workers were starting the industrialisation of the industry. By the mid 1960s, the first LOGLIFT was being developed and in 1966, The FISKARS 6000S went into production. This innovative approach to forestry is still in our DNA today.

From that first crane to now, LOGLIFT aims to help forest people to get more out of the working day to make a profitable living by safely and efficiently moving timber from the forest to paper and saw mills. Safety continues to be a cornerstone of design and build as we lead the way with latest technology and digital solutions. And today, just like yesterday, efficiency is driven by our passion for managing one of our greatest and most sustainable natural resources of all: the forest.

Together with our customers, we continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the forestry business.

LOGLIFT is made for forest people, by forest people.

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