ZEPRO Z 45/75

A cantilever lift with a lifting capacity of up to 750kg. Suitable for trucks with GVW of up to 7.5 tonnes. Supplied with numerous features enabling configuration to suit individual needs.
A flexible solution that offers three different arm widths in two lengths to fit all light truck models.
Kits are available for easy installation on new builds and retrofitting on older vehicles.
Other features include:
- A durable aluminium platform in a wide variety of dimensions and options.
- Tow hooks for most vehicle models.
- A 450kg lifting capacity model is available for use on vehicles where the total permitted loading capacity is lower than 750kg.
The maximum lift height is 1,100mm.

The maximum lifting height is 1100 mm.

- Available with different arm widths and lengths to fit most chassis.
- Durable aluminium platforms in a wide variety of dimensions and options.
- Large range of mounting brackets for fast and easy installation.
-Tow hooks are available for most vehicle models.
-The hydraulic unit can be supplied attached and pre-connected.


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