9 july 2020 8:32 AM

From a few hundred to 100,000 Facebook fans in just over two years – it’s an unprecedented milestone for the industry that Hiab now celebrates with sincere acknowledgement of each and every individual behind that number. The company’s cornerstone social media channel has been the focus of a well thought-out and consistent strategy to better connect with customers where they are daily.

“Most of our customers are truck drivers and spend a lot of time alone with their smartphones,” says Clas Thott, Vice President of Marketing for Hiab. “Their office is always in their pocket, and that’s where they need to get information and connect with others who know that world, too. Not to mention a chance for a break and some awesome films and social interaction.”

Hiab’s social media transformation began with the company opening up to make social media an integrated part of work life at Hiab, hiring a designated person responsible for digital media and composing a clear social media strategy broken down across all channels.

“Each of our social media channels has a role within the whole landscape, with adapted tones of voice, posting plans, etc., and Facebook has become the shining star,” explains Clas Thott. “The key is consistency, being active. As people regularly visit our page, they should see something new that’s relevant to them. The nice thing about Facebook is that even with one global page, we can localize. For example, we can post in German and it’s only seen on computers visiting from Germany. That allows us to link to local events so fans can see and talk about the things most important to them.”

Via Facebook and other social media channels, Hiab also brings global action to more people virtually – a big benefit when travel isn’t an option. 100,000 fans around the world may not be able to attend the next big industry exhibition, for example, but with virtual tours, snapshots and live demos, they can join in instantly from all around the world.

Highlights from Hiab’s Facebook activities include the short film introducing the Hiab HiVision concept gaining a reach of one million, as well as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a crane doing the honours of pouring 400 litres of ice-cold water over Mr Thott’s head.

Clas Thott is quick to point out that the success lies in a driven, talented team at Hiab and, most importantly, in the fans themselves. “It is their challenges, their successes, their world we’re in on Facebook. We are incredibly privileged that 100,000 have made us a part of their everyday work and lives. Because the whole point of this for us – the whole point of everything we do – is to see their performance skyrocket. They inspire us more than they can know. Simply put, our fans rock!”

Visit Hiab’s Facebook page at facebook.com/Hiabglobal/

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