Two HIAB X-HiPro 658 EP cranes out on the road in the Netherlands

Hiab stories | 8 july 2020 5:47 AM

Van der Sluis Transport from Staphorst in the Netherlands are ready to take on more heavy lifting jobs.

They recently received two Scania R450 8 x2* 6 trucks each with a X-HiPro 658 EP6 from our heavy range. Designed to be fast, smooth and safe it has a capacity of 58 tm and horizontal outreach of up to 17 meters. The short boom version has an optimised weight to capacity ratio and is particularly suited to lifting heavy and bulky materials. 

The construction is provided by Hiab FrameWorks and painting by B de Wilde. 

Installation was with our pre-manufactured, fully bolted system installation system FrameWorks and modular installation systems for truck bodies BodyWorks package

HIAB FrameWorks reduces the installation times of frames and for bodies. By using our modular installation systems, our customers can have their new trucks and equipment out on the road quicker than with traditional installation processes. 

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