Reinforcing recognition - how this contributes towards Excellence at Hiab

31 march 2022 7:58 AM

What gets recognised is reinforced, and what gets reinforced is repeated.

“I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way you will treat your customers and that people flourish when they are praised” quotes Richard Branson

Employee recognition has long been a part of Excellence at Hiab. Everyone likes to be appreciated for good work and for us, it is an important part of employee, team and business success.

When employees are recognised they feel valued, become more connected, motivated and engaged in their work.  In a large multinational organisation like Hiab, the individual contribution is not always visible to all. By recognising our employees, they see that their contribution is relevant and, hopefully, feel a part of the wider team becoming more engaged to contribute to our business goals.

One way in which we appreciate and recognise employees is through the Hiab Recognition Programme. Divided into four categories, the programme invites all employees to nominate outstanding Hiab teams or colleagues for an award. With categories focused around continuous improvements, customer first, collaboration and innovation, we are regularly able to highlight top talents and recognise how they have made a contribution.

Recognition is not only acknowledged through the larger higher performing Award related efforts. Starting at the top, our CEO hosts monthly group discussions with small groups of randomly selected managers from all levels in the global organisation. The informal and open structure of these discussions encourages managers to give feedback on all aspects of the business, to bring up their concerns and struggles and highlight what support they need. Our leaders are also regularly encouraged to share active feedback with individuals and teams, and vice versa, employees are also encouraged to seek feedback. Reaching out to help colleagues in their day-to-day tasks and the simple act of saying thank you is widely encouraged and appreciated at Hiab.

Our employees often feed back to us that they like to be recognised:

“I was both surprised and happy to get the “Customer First“ award - good is the biggest enemy of great. Without a great team in Sales, Service and Operations, such a success couldn’t be possible! Thanks to everybody in our local organisation.”

“My manager’s leadership style creates a trustful environment where I feel safe sharing with him all my doubts and concerns. Even in the most challenging moments, I feel I can openly talk and give feedback to him and he always provides guidance, so eventually, we can deliver the best.”

Bringing teams together to celebrate achievements is also encouraged. Our global teams 

work across different continents at Hiab, bringing knowledge and expertise across markets. We find that when we recognise these global team efforts, we establish a real sense of pride and engagement. 

Our MOFFETT Research and Development team in Ireland recently won the Hiab Innovation Award for the development of the new Series of electric truck mounted forklifts. Hiab’s R&D Director commented on how proud the team were to receive the award. He stated that “it gives local recognition but also showcases the skills the team have to the wider Hiab group. The team worked hard to create the machines, climbing a steep learning curve over the last few years. Designing and developing this range of electric machines in the middle of a global pandemic has been a huge challenge that the team have overcome showing great teamwork. I am very proud of everyone involved and we will definitely celebrate our success

At Hiab, we are the sum of our people. It is through actively recognising all of our great people across the globe, and celebrating achievements that we strengthen Excellence and further build on our Employees First culture.