MOFFETT UK open for business

Hiab stories | 8 july 2020 5:59 AM

Our MOFFETT truck mounted forklift fits conveniently at the rear of a truck or trailer, taking up no loading space and is ready to be used in less than a minute. MOFFETT in the UK is still open for business and ready to support our customers. 

In the last seven days all of our demo machines in North East England have found new homes. Some permanent and some temporary to cover increases in freight movements four our customers.

For other customers, things are more slowly, but our UK MOFFETT Area Sales Manager for the North East, Jamie Stevnson is happy to assist all customers as best he can and help move them into new sectors during this time.

In his words “Please remember that almost all freight in the UK is delivered by a truck, which has a hero behind it ensuring our shelves are stocked and industry keeps on moving. Without these drivers and the transport companies who operate them things would be much worse than they are now.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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