Hiab forges strong relationship with waste management company

Hiab stories | 11 november 2022 8:03 AM

Hiab, has become the go-to provider of loading equipment for Leeds-based waste management and recycling company, Forge Recycling in the UK.

Following a successful period of expansion, Forge Recycling recently invested in two brand new pieces of kit from Hiab – a Ultima 24S hookloader fitted to a DAF CF and a Futura FTR12 skiploader fitted to a DAF LF.

The new equipment joins the company’s already 30-strong fleet of vehicles, with the Futura FTR12 skiploader aiming to bolster Forge’s in-demand domestic skip service and the Ultima hookloader to support its waste management operation for its commercial clients.

Managing director of Forge Recycling, Harvey Mills, commented: “We first purchased a piece of Hiab kit in 2017 and in the years that followed we have gone on to buy a further five pieces from them, which I think speaks for itself. The product quality, high-spec features and value for money are simply undeniable and unmatched.”

The MULTILIFT Ultima 24S hooklift is a sliding hooklift with 24 tonne capacity for 4 axle trucks. Hiab’s Sequence Performance™ technology enables automatic sequence control via a single lever movement for loading, unloading and tipping.

The MULTILIFT Futura 12 skiploader meanwhile, ensures durability, professional aesthetics, top performance and safe, simple and efficient operation.

Dek Butler, MULTILIFT specialist for Hiab UK added: “Harvey and the Forge Recycling team are incredibly valued customers of ours and we’re delighted to see their business thriving and our equipment being able to support that journey.  

“The MULTILIFT range offers more than powerful lifters – is a collection of equipment built to perform swiftly and precisely using the latest smart technology to exceed safety standards and productivity expectations.”

Discover more about the MULTILIFT Ultima 24S hookloader here

Discover more about the MULTILIFT Futura FTR12 skiploader here

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