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Denmark’s two first ePTO powered cranes in operation

Hiab stories | 8 july 2020 6:45 AM

Two new build-ups have been delivered by SAWO in Stokkemarke to the municipality of Rødovre. Both build-ups are fitted with  HIAB X-HiPro 232 E-4 CD cranes with ePTO behind the cab and MULTILIFT Ultima 20ZL 50 hooklifts on Scania P 450 B8x2 * 6 chassis with CP17N cab. 

Hiab’s ePTO (electric power take-off) allows the crane to be operated when the truck engine is turned off using a battery. It is then near silent and free from exhaust fumes and reducing the environmental impact. It’s the perfect solution for customers who need to work indoors,  keep noise levels down or want to reduce their environmental impact. 

The cranes were delivered to the municipality of Rødovre as part of a public EU tender that SAWO was awarded in collaboration with Scania.

The trucks will be used for waste & recycling handling including underground containers. As the cranes come with Crane Tip Control, it’s easy to steer the crane in a straight line to pick them up. Everything is controlled by the CombiDrive3 remote control that also operates the stabilizer legs.

The MULTILIFT Ultima 20ZL is a versatile hooklift, combining both the sliding and tilting, built as a lowbuilt to increase payload for 21 tonne capacity and 3 axle trucks. They come with fast-moving, quick-hint and automatic sequence control.

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