Hiab customer care: Cal Dive job shipshape

HIAB | 1 july 2020 9:09 AM

When Hiab’s long-term customer Cal Dive International needed specialised heavy lifting on one of its vessels working on a high-profile natural gas project in north-west Western Australia, it knew where to come.

Cal Dive is one of the largest commercial diving companies in Australia. Its customers are major oil and gas producers, pipeline companies and offshore engineering and construction firms. It has several of its dive vessels deployed on a major natural gas project offshore Dampier, Western Australia. One vessel already has a HIAB 700E on board.

When he urgently needed more support, Cal Dive General Manager Peter Evans turned to WATM Crane Sales and Services, a family owned company and Hiab’s dealer in Western Australia.

“We called Stephen Lazenby to tell him our needs,” said Peter. “We have a great relationship with WATM that goes back 10 to 15 years.”

The result was a HIAB 855E-6 HiPro. Problem was, this size of crane is not common in Australia due to its size and was not in stock in the country.

So Stephen flew to the Hiab office in Hong Kong to supervise the dismantling of a crane weighing 8,000 kg for airfreight to Melbourne, then urgent truck delivery to Perth.

It has now been mounted on one of Cal Dive’s three dive vessels and swung into action to support the construction team’s subsea activities.

“Stephen personally flew to Hong Kong there to oversee the build and transport,” said Peter. “That really sealed the deal for us. With regard to why we chose a HIAB, they are the premium cranes on the market. They are great in the marine environment and the operators love them. Working on the likes of the Gorgon and Chevron projects we need the best. High-end customers demand high-end equipment.”

WATM is proud of building strong bonds with its customers. “We have had a long relationship with Cal Dive selling them new and used cranes, and we continue to supply them top level technical support,” said Stephen. “I hope they get a great deal of comfort dealing with us.

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