MOFFETT Truck Mounted Electric Forklift


Electric Moffett - Powerful and it's environmentally responsible

The MOFFETT E-Series is the world’s first lithium-ion powered truck mounted forklift. It offers high lifting capacity and it’s completely emission free. 

It is ideal moving goods from outside to inside, such as warehouses and distribution centers. And, its near-silent operation makes it perfect for urban distribution and night-time deliveries in residential areas where noise pollution is an issue.


Emission free

The MOFFETT E-Series Truck Mounted Electric Forklift is equipped with the latest Lithium-ion battery technology. This means it does not generate or release any emissions.

Silent operation

The MOFFETT E-Series runs on a battery. Its silent operation makes it perfect for urban and night-time deliveries.

Easy charging

All MOFFETT E-Series models give you the flexibility of onboard charging as well as charging from a wall-socket.

Reduced cost of ownership

The MOFFETT eSeries NX offers a reduced Total Cost of Ownership and a better return on investment compared to its diesel equivalents.


MOFFETT eSeries Concept brochure

Learn more about the MOFFETT eSeries NX. Download the concept brochure here.

Concept Brochure

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MOFFETT E-Series Zero-Emissions

Introducing the NEW and revolutionary MOFFETT E-Series. The E-Series models are setting new standards in placing environmentally responsible technology on the back of your truck or trailer, while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

Meet our French customer, Cargomatic and see how MOFFETT E-Series creates value for their business.

"The electric Truck Mounted Forklift has allowed us to tackle new markets. The first market is the distribution of goods during night time in urban area" - Arnaud Deniau, founder and owner of Cargomatic

Meet our UK customer, Pets at Home and see how MOFFETT E-Series creates value for their business.

"The E-Series came along and benefited our night time deliveries, due to being quiet and efficient. The E-Series is just a world beater“ - Mike Pursill, Driver at Pets at Home