Waltco Parts & Service


Servicing that always maximizes uptime

Investing in a WALTCO liftgate will give your business a competitive edge long after the purchase date. Built to last and lift in any conditions and supported by world-class service.

Keeping a WALTCO liftgate in premium condition is easy with regular servicing using only original spare parts. Our network of certified technicians reach from coast to coast, and can work to minimize downtime during servicing so you can keep business productivity high.

From selection to installation and beyond, we take care of the quality of your liftgate, so you can focus on your business productivity.


Original Parts

Original spare parts are crafted to fit seamlessly with your WALTCO liftgate. Using original parts guarantees the same functionality, performance and safety year after year.


Service Kits

Use WALTCO service kits to optimize the performance of your liftgate while also saving time, effort, money and avoiding costly breakdowns and ad-hoc repairs. All-in-one service kits include all the critical components needed to carry out a service as well as a comprehensive service procedure checklist.



A warranty is always included when you buy a new WALTCO liftgate. The warranty will cover any faults that arise during the assigned period, guaranteeing a swift repair by a local client service team.


Technical support

In addition to our global service network, we have a regional technical support team, ready to help when you're in need. 



Empower your fleet, your equipment and your people and receive real-time data about your liftgates operation and condition.

Contact the parts department:

P: 800.411.5685
F: 800.411.5684
E: parts@waltco.com