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Knuckle boom cranes
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HIVision: full vision plus comfort and safety

Why go the HiVision way?

Hiab is the innovating pioneer of the material handling industry by incorporating virtual reality technology, which brings superior operational functionality, unrivaled levels of safety, and increased productivity.

HiVision is the industry leading innovative digitalization solution that provides individual operators with vision to safely carry out any job without having to leave the cabin.

Take your business into the future with HiVision and build a smarter, digitalized workforce for tomorrow.

Digitalization elevating safety and capacity

Future-proof your business by adding smart digital solutions that take both practical operations and equipment management to more sustainable, safe and efficient levels.

Additional digital eyes and ears

A new era of revolutionary technology is here. Equipment cameras and sensors now give the driver total visibility and knowledge about the external environment, without leaving the safety and comfort of the truck cabin. Guaranteed precision accuracy so operators can lift and move more with every load, improving overall output and payload.

Superior safety inside and out

The latest 3D and virtual reality technology assesses the external working conditions so the operator can stay safely within the truck cabin. Once the ‘target’ has been identified, the system shows the operator where to move to position.

Automation a bonus, not a replacement

HiVision aims to streamline and simplify repetitive jobs, with the technology in the future shifting to be able to automate routine jobs. Operators will continue to play a critical role in the decision making process, focus on the more demanding elements of the job, and manage both the technology and the efficiency of the job.

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