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Oil, Gas, & Mining Cranes

Oil and gas extraction is one of the most challenging industries there is with high pressure to keep production flowing. The toughest industries require the toughest equipment. Operators across North America have acclaimed HIAB X-HiPro heavy and super heavy range as the best knuckle boom cranes for this industry because of their durability and serviceability.

Pipes, tanks, pumps, valves, BOPs, diesel generators, and other equipment can come in all shapes and sizes, often weighing thousands of pounds. Heavy loads, such as these, must be moved slowly, smoothly, and with pinpoint accuracy. HIAB mining cranes offer unrivaled load-handling protection for valuable heavy equipment and machinery. The advanced hydraulic valves and control systems provide superior control. Whether the oil platform crane is operating empty or fully loaded, close-in or at maximum outreach, the boom tip response mirrors the operator’s lever movements, providing a safe, precise, smooth, and consistent operation—just what this industry needs.

Knuckle Boom Cranes for Mining Industry

HIAB knuckle boom cranes are highly suitable for the mining industry due to their robust construction and advanced technological features. The HIAB X-HiPro heavy and super heavy range is known for its durability and serviceability, making it a preferred choice in North America for mining operations, oil, and gas extraction. These mining cranes are capable of moving heavy loads like pipes, tanks, pumps, and generators slowly, smoothly, and with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring unrivaled load-handling protection for valuable heavy machinery​​.

Key Mining Crane Features

Some of the key features of these cranes include HiConnect Remote Connectivity, HiPro Control System, Variable Stability Limit, Load Stability System, Crane Tip Control, Semi-Automatic Folding, and CombiDrive3 Remote Control. These features enhance the efficiency, safety, and operational control of the cranes​​.

Moreover, HIAB's industry-leading safety features are designed to keep operators safe and in control, thereby minimizing risks to individuals and the environment. The smart technology solutions in these cranes help in reducing human-driven errors and unsafe operations​​.

With HIABs mining cranes ability to handle heavy, complex loads with precision, it makes it the ideal crane for mining operations, especially for tasks that involve transportation and positioning of heavy equipment and materials.

Knuckle Boom Crane Features

HiConnect Remote Connectivity

HIAB HiConnect™ is a web-based dashboard that displays insights on equipment usage, location, time in operation, idle time, and productivity level. By enabling new insights, it helps you to further increase efficiency, productivity, and safety. HiConnect is the latest technology in terms of connectivity capabilities. Being able to remotely access data is key to maximizing your business with facts instead of assumptions. HiConnect maintains constant contact with all units, giving fleet managers the ability to stop unsafe behavior and usage before an incident happens. With the ability to view service history and plan upcoming services, your fleet has minimum downtime and increases daily efficiencies.

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Hiab’s industry leading technology provides world class, industry leading safety features that keep operators safe and in control, minimizing risk to individuals or the environment. With the smart technology solutions of Hiab’s knuckle boom cranes, human driven errors and unsafe operations are reduced.

Industry Leading Warranties

Saying you are confident in your product is one thing, warranting it is another. All Hiab equipment comes with a 2-year warranty on the entire product. Further warranty on the structural parts is extended to 5-years on Cranes. Meaning, Hiab covers repair or replacement of components for 2-years on all components and up to 5-years on main structural components. There's no better or more comprehensive warranty in our Industry! Certain normal exceptions, such as replacement of consumables, apply.

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