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Loader Crane Accessories

Hiab accessories are the ideal solution for giving what your business needs - adding that flexibility to carry out several types of jobs according to customer demand and opportunities. A HIAB loader crane becomes a true working tool that can be adapted to work in situations that require different types of tools and that easily fit to different industry uses.

Add flexibility to your business

  • Increase types of industries and applications you can serve
  • Increase flexibility to anticipate demand development and changes
  • Specialize in a particular use for your fleet

Find what you need


The MultiCoupling package provides a relatively inexpensive solution for connecting hydraulic accessories to the crane.

Weighing systems

Find a weighing system for a rough or more accurate measurement need; the systems are wireless, maintenance free and perform accurately even while moving a load.


With the ToolXChanger mounted on your crane you can change tools in just a matter of seconds without modification to your crane or other tools in use!


Where automation helps the everyday job: Rapid Lock System

The automatic locking system between the crane and the different accessories avoid that operators need to get close to the more dangerous parts, and at the same time saves time and reduces the complexity of the connection.

The best fit for you

By choosing an original or certified Hiab Accessory, you are getting the best fit for your recycling crane. A safe and certified accessory that has been specifically designed for the purpose it was intended for.

  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Designed to deliver functionality and performance
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