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The HIAB promise: safe, cost efficient, reliable

HIAB’s premium loader cranes use cutting edge technology to maximise safety, performance and efficiency. Products are guaranteed to exceed expectations; handling the heaviest jobs, delivering fast loading cycles or carrying out delicate precision work. Smart solutions keep both operator and the working environment safe. All backed up by an unrivalled global service network geared to maximise uptime.

Industry needs in focus with HIAB

HIAB loader cranes lead the way with industry specific features and accessories that are adaptable to different environments and working conditions. Customise your loader crane to suit your construction, logistics, waste and recycling, or oil and gas business needs.



Hiab loader cranes industry-leading innovation and durability optimise each working day. Precision accuracy and safety systems increase uptime, minimise damages to the equipment, and reduce risk liability.

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HIAB has your business covered

Tailor a HIAB loader crane to meet the specific demands of your industry. Choose from a wide selection of loader cranes to give you the flexibility to handle the heaviest loads safely and versatility to tackle the most complex tasks. From simple, yet effective manual driven models, all the way up to advanced controlled system units with intelligent functions, HIAB loader cranes have all of your business needs covered.


Lifting capacity range (Tm)

No job is too big or too small. Choose from HIAB’s complete loader crane range from the lightest loads all the way through to super heavy. Even loads of up to 100Tm can be lifted. No matter what weight range you work with, a HIAB will be up to the challenge.


CE / Non CE models

Remain compliant in whatever market you operate in with CE designed and compliant loader cranes. Or choose from a wide selection of equipment that is suitable for other global markets.


Manual / Remote controlled models

Provide flexibility and precision control to your workforce with loader crane models driven by remote control or manually driven systems. With an option to upgrade to a remote system later on, HIAB loader cranes will always work for you.



A Hiab is not just a piece of machinery, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimise workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by Hiab’s exceptional global service network.

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1948 - Neighbouring Norway became the first export market

1952 - The orange colour is chosen for the cranes

1956 - The first fully hydraulic crane HIAB 170 known as the Elephant hits new market sales

1944 - Hydrauliska Industri Aktiebolaget (Hiab) was founded in Hudiksvall, Sweden by Eric Sundin and Einar Frisk

1947 - The HIAB 190 was launched into mass production - after improvements to the first crane prototype



ISO standards

Meeting the toughest international standards

Today’s international standards are tougher than ever before - and meeting them takes commitment to excellence. When you choose Hiab, you have a partner that is globally certified and continually striving to meet increasingly higher standards.



The global environmental standard defines Hiab’s work with environmental performance. Minimising the environmental impact of our internal processes as well as the impact of our products is central to everything we do.



Safety is our priority. Our practices are defined to ensure our employees have a healthy working environment while producing equipment that guarantees the same standards equipment operators.



Customer needs are fundamental to our quality management processes. We take a systematic approach, listening to customers which forms the basis for Hiab’s strategy and planning.


The HIAB two year warranty

HIAB loader cranes are built to last. Quality and longevity are assured, that’s why they come with a promise like no other. An industry leading two-year warranty for full peace of mind.