HIAB X-HiPro 358

When the demand is non-stop. A long-boom crane with continuous slewing and a lifting capacity of 33Tm. Also available with jib.
Some jobs simply demand more. And when they do, you need your time for moving the load – not your truck. The HIAB X-HiPro 358 has continuous slewing, so it provides 360o of continuous freedom. But it also delivers high precision at long outreach, thanks to its purpose-built long-boom design and the HiPro control system’s unbeatable response. With a total outreach of 22.7 m, or 28.2 m with jib, the HIAB X-HiPro 358 is ideal for non-stop demands.

X-HIPRO 358E-4X-HIPRO 358E-4+JIB 100X-2X-HIPRO 358E-4+JIB 100X-3X-HIPRO 358E-4+JIB 100X-4X-HIPRO 358E-4+JIB 100X-5X-HIPRO 358E-5X-HIPRO 358E-5+JIB 100X-2X-HIPRO 358E-5+JIB 100X-3X-HIPRO 358E-5+JIB 100X-4X-HIPRO 358E-5+JIB 100X-5X-HIPRO 358E-5+JIB 70X-3X-HIPRO 358E-5+JIB 70X-4X-HIPRO 358E-6X-HIPRO 358E-6+JIB 70X-3X-HIPRO 358E-6+JIB 70X-4X-HIPRO 358E-7X-HIPRO 358E-8

X-HIPRO 358 E-5
X-HIPRO 358 E-5 Jib100X-2
X-HIPRO 358 E-5 Jib70X-4
X-HIPRO 358 E-5 JIB100X-5
X-HIPRO 358 E-6 JIB70X-3
X-HIPRO 358 E-4 Jib100X-4
X-HIPRO 358 E-5 Jib100X-3
X-HIPRO 358 E-5 Jib100X-4
X-HIPRO 358 E-8
X-HIPRO 358 E-4 Jib100X-2
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