Hookloaders & Skiploaders



Always fast, safe and effective

The right equipment can change the course of your business. With the perfect hooklift or skiploader on the back, you can increase daily productivity. Incorporating the best safety features, smooth and fast operating with a solid build structure, a MULTILIFT will help you start and finish each job efficiently and on time. On and off-loading capabilities are maximised for the truck payload as well as the working environment. Quality equipment and digital solutions are guaranteed and backed up by a global service network that keeps your equipment performing at optimum levels all year round.


Diversify the scope of your business and get more out of your operations for an improved bottom line. MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders can tackle all on- and off-loading from any truck. Handle a wide variety of applications with equipment that is tailored to capacity and operational needs that have a low lifetime cost and give maximum uptime each day. 


Safety that exceeds standards

Cutting edge technology gives the driver/operator a clear view of the working environment from the safety of the cabin. HiVision brings the outside view to an in-cabin screen, aiding safe lifting by using detection sensors and cameras to keep people, equipment and obstacles out of harm’s way.


Durability that drives efficiency

All MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders are built to last. Original parts are designed and built to fit seamlessly so every lift is smooth. Protect your equipment from corrosion with a high quality zinc based primer, reducing wear and tear over time.


Performance that delivers results

Fast lowering, fast tipping and fast speed functions significantly boost productivity. High strength and low weight ratio means extra load while still saving on fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.



Sturdy construction, superior balance and smooth operation means you can take your business to the next level. Service and maintenance is tailored and scheduled to maximise uptime and keep equipment running at optimum levels.


Hooklifts and skiploaders for every job




As the world’s biggest manufacturer of hooklifts and skiploaders, we know that the demands of different industries require the right equipment. MULTILIFT’s market-leading productivity and reliability give a competitive edge for all load-handling challenges.

Explore all applications

Waste and recycling

Equipment that works in waste and recycling has to have sustainability and the circular value chain as part of it’s offer. Lift, load and unload scarce and recyclable materials with confidence.



Take on any lifting and loading challenge in the construction industry. The solid and durable hooklifts and skiploaders can handle everything from heavy machinery to waste and rubble.



Keep supplies and products moving quickly and efficiently. Exceed your customer’s expectations and move bulky items securely and safely from site to site.


Specialty sector solutions

MULTILIFT supports customers with demanding needs and requirements for growing businesses, and for those sectors that are most demanding. Key to success is the MULTILIFT solutions orientated mindset, where trust, discretion and technical expertise can meet the challenges of speciality business models.



A Hiab is not just a piece of machinery, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimise workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by Hiab’s exceptional global service network.

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Service and parts that take the heavy load

Equipment needs to be on the move and working efficiently every day so your business remains profitable. Rest assured that your business is our priority.



Original parts and service

Retain your investment’s value, performance and safety by only using Hiab original spare parts fitted by an expert in our global service network. Original parts are a perfect fit for your investment and keep your hooklift or skiploader running at an optimum level with minimum downtime, reducing the total cost of ownership over time.



Protect your investment with ProCare for MULTILIFT. Choose the coverage level that suits your business needs for total peace of mind. Be assured that original spare parts will always be used and fitted by an expert technician from our global service network.


Be inspired

Push the limits every day with MULTILIFT hooklifts and skiploaders.