How can HiPerform smart solutions prevent costly mistakes?


Reduce mistakes, grey hairs and training costs

At Hiab, safety always comes first. Maximise safety with the Hiab HiPerform suite of smart solutions. Near real time data shows how the operators use the equipment, making it easy to address safety issues and identify equipment failures. Proactive service ensures that the equipment never endangers safety. Our crane operator simulator training is the safest and most cost-efficient way to onboard and upskill your operators, minimising costly mistakes. Find out more about how Hiab puts safety first here.


The next level of preventing costly mistakes

When you know what your operators and equipment are really doing, it is easy to address safety issues. Hiab HiConnect gives you near real time access to data from the equipment, including notifications on close calls and statistics about operator behaviour. This makes it easy to optimise training and service to minimise misuse and equipment issues.

There’s a time and a place for mistakes

The more mistakes that happen in the Hiab Hiskill operator training simulator, the less mistakes that happen in real time operational situations. HiSkill helps your onboard and provide ongoing training to crane operators in a safe, scalable and cost-efficient way. The combination of virtual reality and real equipment allows training and onboarding anytime and anywhere while cutting training costs by up to 50%. The Hiab training simulator is currently available in selected markets. Check availability with your local Hiab’s Customer Support Center.


Best way to onboard and upskill operators

Crane operation requires a combination of technical knowledge, physical ability and situational awareness. HiSkill helps develop all three. Virtual reality makes it the safest environment to learn. Using a real controller makes the transition to real operation easy and smooth.

Operator certification test pass rates increase thanks to repetitive training, and operators quickly learn to handle even the most challenging situations when they can train anytime, anywhere.

Our customer studies have shown an impressive increase in the first-time NCCCO exam pass rate, from 45% to 95%.

Equipment that always works is good for safety too

With Hiab ProCare, repairs and maintenance are performed according to high safety standards and strict safety protocols. You can be certain that the equipment always does what it should - and never endangers safety.


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Find out which HiPerform smart solutions are available to you


ProCare maintenance contracts

ProCare is a comprehensive service contract solution for Hiab equipment. It provides proactive maintenance and expert assistance to maximise equipment performance, reliability and lifespan.


HiSkill training simulator

HiSkill is a virtual reality training simulator to train new and experienced crane operators in a safe, scalable and cost-effective manner.


HiConnect equipment data

HiConnect is a telematics solution that provides near real-time data access to Hiab equipment. This data is used to monitor the health and performance of equipment, identify potential issues, and make data-driven decisions about fleet safety and utilisation.