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Hiab digital solutions are at the forefront of digitalisation and connectivity in the field. The latest digital tools and technology are creating safer, more productive working conditions for operators and the environment around them.

While data-driven monitoring is helping to deliver economic, productivity and safety benefits to individual machines, fleets and businesses as a whole.

By incorporating technology on and off board into innovation design, Hiab equipment will deliver constant premium performance, at the highest levels of safety, and keep your investment running with minimum downtime. 

HiPerformTM – intelligent solutions for optimized performance

Imagine minimizing downtime and keeping your equipment in top shape 24/7. With Hiab HiPerform™ you can keep your promise to deliver on time, every time. A combination of connectivity, real-time monitoring and diagnostics, as well as tailored service agreements allow us to maximize your uptime and respond to malfunctions if they occur. We watch your back and you just keep going.

HiPerform™ is Hiab’s service offering to secure maximum uptime over the entire lifecycle of your equipment.

HiPerform includes:

  • Hiab ProCare™ – tailored service agreements that make the ownership of your equipment a hassle-free experience
  • Hiab HiConnect™ – a Connected Solution that keeps you one step ahead with next-generation intelligence
  • Hiab Uptime™ – remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

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Committed to a smarter, sustainable future

Hiab’s digital solutions range is a commitment to creating a more sustainable future. For individuals, for business and society

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HiConnect is Hiab’s industry leading data driven IoT fleet and asset management solution that collects data from Hiab connected equipment and provides data and insights through dashboards. Fleet managers can monitor daily usage and receive regular notifications about usage and idle time trends to optimise performance and to anticipate and plan services.

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HiVision is Hiab’s Industrial Computer Vision platform and the foundation for remote, semi-autonomous and autonomous operations. Hiab has taken technology to new heights with a revolutionary camera-based solution that brings new levels of safety, ease and comfort to the operation. From operating cranes to hooklifts, HiVision is transforming industry practice and efficiency.

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