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Hiab loader cranes promise safety, cost efficiency and reliable performance.

Industry leading technology drives the superior performance and efficiency of your Hiab loader crane. World class safety features keep operators safe and in control, minimising risk to individuals or the environment. State-of-the-art design and build is covered by Hiab’s service and maintenance contracts that guarantee the longevity of your investment.
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As a global player, setting the pace of innovation, reaching the highest heights, and responding to industry challenges is all in a day’s work. HIAB and EFFER loader cranes lead the way in professional equipment that gives your business the flexibility to handle any loading and lifting challenge that comes your way.

Flex the flexibility

Loader cranes are easily mounted on vehicles, meaning fewer certifications and city pass entrances than larger telescopic or tower cranes would require. This reduces costs and increases flexibility. Win-win.

Reach new heights

Diverse environments and heights are navigated with ease with loader cranes. Reach capabilities allow delivery of heavy loads with pinpoint accuracy, smoothly and safely every time.

Push up profitability

Investment in a loader crane has a proven cost benefit, making it ideal for different business applications and sectors that require repetitive, efficient operations. 


Hiab loader cranes industry-leading innovation and durability optimise each working day. Precision accuracy and safety systems increase uptime, minimise damages to the equipment, and reduce risk liability.

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Hiab has your industry covered


Precision and smooth movement operations 


Waste & Recycling

Safer and more effective 


Reliable and clever solutions 

Municipalities and Public care

Public infrastructure support

Oil & Gas

High durability and reliability 


A Hiab is not just a piece of equipment, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimise workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by Hiab’s exceptional global service network.

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A loader crane for your needs

Light-capacity (<12Tm)

Lift and move different types of goods or hold items in place as you work on them with HIABs range of small and lightweight loader cranes. Choose from stiff-boom or smaller knuckle-boom cranes to complement your existing tools. Versatile and able to fit onto most small and medium sized vehicles. 

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Mid-capacity (12 - 30Tm)

Versatility is the name of the game with a variety of setups to choose from to give an optimal crane configuration. Strike a balance between crane and payload space by choosing from different setups including knuckle boom, longer extension, and folding. These cranes make light work out of even the most complicated jobs. 

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Heavy-capacity (30 - 100Tm)

When your primary business needs a crane, look no further. Outstanding performance, power, and finesse all rolled into versatile and reliable packages. Custom a knuckle-boom, short-boom, or long-boom to suit complex maneuvering, construction jobs, or tricky rescue and salvage operations.

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Super heavy-capacity (>100Tm)

Industry super heavyweight champion EFFER has built-in maximum reach and lifting performance, with an incredibly light design for their power. The engineering balance between performance and payload is unrivalled and in-house package designs add extra stability where others fail.

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Create your perfect crane


Make your Hiab loader crane your own with the vast range of tools and add-ons that have been specifically designed to meet the highest safety, quality and performance standards.

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Standard installation solutions

Hiab standard installation solutions support bodybuilders and installers to reduce installation times and access highly professionally designed pre-fit equipment. Efficient solutions that maximize value, making your Hiab investment worthwhile.

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HiConnect for ultimate optimization

Hiab HiConnect™ for HIAB loader cranes is a Connected Service that keeps you one step ahead. Follow your HIAB crane in real-time and keep track of how it’s being used to ensure proper handling. Increase efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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