HIAB iQ.1188 HIPRO has been developed from the very beginning to excel in being an ‘allrounder’ loader crane, with - long outreach - lifting capabilities. Both the vertical and horizontal performances have been optimized, with the possibility to add the use of the specially designed JIB.

Innovations for doing more business

This new model is a powerhouse of innovation, the quantity of new and advanced solutions outpaces competition. The HIAB iQ.1188 HIPRO has been designed from the very beginning without compromises, allowing it to be highly competitive on performance within its category, but with the size and weight of the range below.


Designed from the business

What characterizes this model is the long reach horizontal and vertical high performance capabilities that are the result of a design tailored for this use without compromises.
The 9+6 extensions, or 10 extension layout structure turn out useful for the everyday tasks.

Driven by the end applications for which it was developed, key factors such as weight and frame size were considered crucial from the very beginning of the design phase of the HIAB iQ.1188 HIPRO.


Augmented customer experience

At the heart of the intelligence behind the crane, is the new SPACEevo control system, what was perfect got even more perfect.

The advanced functions assist the operators, even those less skilled to avoid damages and work rapidly and efficiently: VSL+, DLC-S, LSS-V and SAF are just some of the many available features.


Elevating the transporting capabilities

The innovative lightweight design, the addition of the optional Cyclone tank and the overall compact frame size, assure customers more space left for transporting materials related to their business.

This useful payload allows reducing going back and forth from the warehouse for moving materials, which translates into further fuel consumption, contributing to your businesses’ bottomline.

The 110tm loader crane with exceptional reach

Discover the many technological solutions that deliver the top performance of a 110tm range model that is competitive with bigger cranes and that comes instead with the benefits of a lightweight and compact frame of a 90tm type of crane.




The patent pending new profile shape is key to the very light weight of the crane compared to its performance capabilities.
The new shape is the result of an advanced engineering development.



The JIB 155Q-6 extends the ‘up and over’ load delivery capabilities of the crane, with its V12-Power shape it ensures the right balance between weight and load capacity.



Lightweight champion

The HIAB iQ.1188 HIPRO delivers the performance of an 110tm crane, but with the frame size and weight of a similar 90tm range crane model with benefits for the installation type and cost.



Variety of configurations

Choose among several configurations from the basic E-8 to the complete E-9 with the JIB E-6 for the maximum flexibility, or additional reach with the E-10 version.




At the forefront of one of the most advanced operating experiences of handling a crane, is the evolution of the control system: the new SPACEevo builds on the strong Hiab legacy in terms of precision, speed and delicate movements which customers highly appreciate and benefit from during daily operations.

“iQ” range of loader crane models are the step into the future of intelligent lifting equipment.

  • CD4 (CombiDrive4) The remote of the future
  • Handling a HIAB crane has never been easier, the most skilled operators will appreciate the precise and detailed movements of the crane, while those with less experience can be assisted in handling the loads in total safety and by reducing the complexity of the operations.
  • EXTRA SAFETY with Confirm View
    With the introduction of the next generation remote control CD4, the crane detects on which side the operator is compared to the crane, and it enables him to activate the stabilizers in full safety and with the complete view of their opening.


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