Hiab named best ‘Innovation Manufacturer Product’ at The Archie Awards

Hiab stories | 19 october 2022 9:25 AM

Hiab is one step ahead of the competition in the quest to switch more forklift truck operators to electric, say judges at the UK’s biggest material handling awards.

The MOFFETT E5 NX has won the ‘Innovation Manufacturer Product Award’ at the UK Material Handling Awards, also known as The Archie Awards.

The MOFFETT E5 NX is the world's first all-electric moving mast and 4-way truck mounted forklift with a unique mast that can be extended, at greater speeds than comparable vehicles, making it easier to load from one side.

Judges at The Archie Awards described the product as ‘an excellent low-noise clean electric truck that could prove a highly viable option to make more people switch to electric.’

The ‘Innovation Manufacturer Product’ award recognises products in the industry which are already one step ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and technology. It is the second major award the product has won in the UK in recent months after previously being awarded with the Letsrecycle ‘Excellence in Innovation Award.’

After a two-year break, the forklift industry’s foremost award ceremony, UKMHA - The Archie Awards returned over the weekend. The MOFFETT E5 NX was also a finalist in the ‘Environment – Product of The Year’ category.

The MOFFETT E4 NX model, launched last year, won an IFOY award in 2021 in the Special Vehicle category. In 2018, Hiab customer Pets at Home also won a coveted Archie Award for reducing the noise associated with out-of-hours deliveries after switching to a fleet of electric MOFFETT forklifts.

Jann Hansen, Vice President, Sales & Product Management, MOFFETT Truck Mounted Forklifts, Hiab, said: “We are proud and honoured to win the Innovation Manufacturer Product at what is widely regarded as the foremost industry awards in material handling. The judges had some very kind words to say about our products which encapsulates everything we are doing with the electrification of our MOFFETT range.”

The MOFFETT E5 NX was launched in the UK earlier this year, offering unique innovation unavailable anywhere else. It offers zero emissions, silent operation, lower service needs, and comes with improved health and safety benefits. The truck also boasts a lithium-ion battery which, when fully charged, can do 60 max lifts of 2.5 tonnes up to a 25 metres radius.

Ian Mitchell, Hiab Director of Sales & Services UK & Ireland, added: “This latest award win is further proof that our sustainable load handling solutions are leading the way in encouraging more business owners in the industry to consider electric products. Since launching in the UK, the MOFFETT E5 NX has received a great deal of interest from our customers. We are delighted to have been recognised by the industry.”