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Climate ambition at Hiab

As a business we strive to be a customer-focused global leader in sustainable material flow. Hiab has a breakthrough objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 200,000 tons by 2024 which has been set in line with the Cargotec climate ambition to be a 1.5 degree company. 

To reduce the climate impact of our own operations, we are increasing the share of renewable energy in our operations with the target to be climate neutral.

Here we strive to:

  • Reduce value chain emissions by at least 50 %.
  • Be at the forefront of decarbonisation in our core markets and industries by:
    - Engaging suppliers to reduce emissions from sourcing.
    - Reducing the carbon footprint in the product use phase
    - Reducing the environmental impact of our products and, at the same time, make them more cost efficient and productive.
    - Capture and create opportunities around the Circular Economy.
  • Expand our electric offer using the most eco-friendly materials.

Learn more about the Cargotec climate ambition here

Future-ready for tomorrow's trucks

The load handling industry is changing – fast. Operating restrictions in cities, regional and national environmental legislation, and a demanding fuel economy are driving challenges for more sustainable business. Tomorrow’s trucks will need to give you twice the productivity with just a fraction of the environmental impact. And your fleet will need to be ready.

Hiab is here to help. We have long been at the forefront of developing green load handling technology, and we can already offer a range of innovations designed to support your business future. No matter if tomorrow’s fleet is powered by electric motors or new, alternative fuels, you can be confident that our solutions will enable more sustainable and more profitable possibilities for your operation.

Below you will find a range of smart and sustainable Hiab innovations designed to support the future of your business.

Download the Hiab Sustainable Solutions brochure

Electrified crane truck bed movement

The silent evolution of the crane

The R-HiPro 112e is an electrically Lithium Ion powered solution. Powering the unit of the crane base ensures a silent movement of the crane along the truck's bed, bringing the crane closer to where it is needed for the loading and lifting operations. The possibility to work within city noise levels, and emissions free certifies this product as an environmentally friendly product enabling business where traditional solutions would be instead cut out.



CYCLONE tank: doing good for the environment while saving

Investing in a CYCLONE tank is a direct way to save money, make an impact on the environment and get more out of your business. This advanced innovation brings a basic element as an oil tank into the future.

Reduce your operating costs

The efficient CYCLONE tank system runs on using less oil, and this means having to purchase less of it during the whole lifetime of the crane’s life.

Simple, yet more money for your business.

More payload available

The smaller space required for the CYCLONE tank, on par with the highest performance level delivered, gives both more space on board the truck, and the lower oil needed means more weight that can be used for payload.

Give your business only what really matters.

Savings on all sides with MULTILIFT features

Innovative features for your MULTILIFT can increase your payload opportunities while simultaneously reducing your environmental impact.

  • PerformanceOptions™ reduce your fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Fast Performance™ and Sequence Performance™ save time and effort to boost productivity.
  • Lighter and stronger steel structure increases payload while further reducing fuel consumption.
  • Quiet Performance™ reduces noise pollution to surrounding environments.

WALTCO Solar Charger saves time and the planet

The WALTCO Solar Charger generates power through solar panels on the roof of your truck or trailer and stores it in your liftgate battery.

  • Environmentally friendly, low impact technology.
  • Minimum maintenance needs and a fast ROI.
  • Charging continues even when vehicle is stationary.

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