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A MOFFETT truck mounted forklift is the ideal productivity tool for delivering more in your business - and for gaining more. More precision, more versatility, more profitability, more competitive edge.


Performance that delivers

From narrow streets to cluttered construction sites, a MOFFETT truck mounted forklift works comfortably in confined spaces thanks to its tight manoeuvrability. No terrain is too rugged. Its low centre of gravity adds to its stability and each model can be tailored to suit your needs.


Enduring quality

A MOFFETT truck mounted forklift may be a lightweight, but it punches way above its weight class. Its rugged construction makes it a reliable workhorse that can cruise through tough weather and rough terrain without breaking a sweat.


Extended reach

The combination of Lift Assist® with pantograph or telescopic forks enables you to load and offload from the far side of a fully loaded truck with all mast functions such as side shift and tilt, without causing the mast to collide with the truck or trailer body.


Better logistics for increased profitability

Time is money. Simply disengage the forklift from the truck, unload the cargo, reconnect the forklift, and head off to make more deliveries. For business owners, this equals improved service quality for your customers and more profitability for you.


Effortless manoeuvrability

All the wheels on MOFFETT 4-way models can be rotated independently for lateral movement when handling wide loads or negotiating narrow pathways. This helps it wriggle through confined spaces with ease.


Ergonomic design

With each MOFFETT truck mounted forklift, everything is designed with more comfort in mind. It drives smoothly even over the most difficult terrain. The spacious operator compartment puts operator performance in focus, offering optimum visibility from an optimum vantage point along with control levers, steering wheel and pedals within easy reach.


Low-maintenance construction

A MOFFETT truck mounted forklift is constructed from quality materials that stand up to tough weather and the environment. If parts do need to be replaced, they are easy to access and replacements are readily available. You also have the assurance of Hiab’s service and assistance wherever you are.


a true commitment to you, a true commitment to your business

The operators compartment of a MOFFETT truck mounted forklift gives the operator excellent field of vision. That means added safety for the operator and for everyone else in the area. Seated comfortably with the interlocking seat belt securely fastened, the operator is also protected with overhead guards, conforming to ROPS and FOPS requirements.



Our easy-to-use Ground Start system enables you to mount and dismount your MOFFETT truck mounted forklift easily, safely and efficiently by using the ergonomically placed ground start button.


Remote Ground Mount™

Our remote Ground Mount system enables you to conveniently mount and dismount your MOFFETT truck mounted forklift single-handedly and effortlessly via a point-and-click wireless remote control - all in under a minute.

Remote Ground Mount

All Wheel Drive

4 Way Steering

Do business where others can’t

thinking ahead of times


The MOFFETT E-Series. Great power coupled with great responsibility

The MOFFETT E-Series models are setting new standards in placing environmentally responsible technology on the back of your truck or trailer, while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. The MOFFETT eSeries is the world’s first lithium-ion powered truck mounted forklift. It offers high lifting capacity and it is completely emission free.

Discover MOFFETT E-Series


The new emission free E-Series is ideal for operations that require the movement of goods from outside to inside such as warehouses and distribution centres. With a lift capacity up to 2,000 kg, a powerful one-wheel drive traction system and a tight turning circle, this agile forklift is capable of accessing the most confined areas.

Operate in a digital world

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Smart technology means your equipment always works at the optimum level. Real-time insights show equipment utilisation, operation and condition - so performance and uptime can be maximised. Data-driven performance monitoring and service planning improve the operation of each unit and operator.