Z 1500/2000/2500

A heavy duty cantilever lift with a lifting capacity of up to 2,500kg. Suitable for trucks with GVW of over 12 tonnes.
A market-leading lift for stable and reliable operation in demanding conditions. Offers a 10,000mm load centre designed for maximum availability.

Other benefits include:
- A unique fast opening solution that saves time for the operator.
- Steel or aluminium platforms in a variety of dimensions and options.
- Double acting tilt and lift cylinders for reliable loading or unloading in all conditions, including cold weather.
- Longer life bushings and pins that are faster and easier to install.
- Simple servicing - the control card is placed in the frame for easy access and additional protection.

Maximum lifting height is 1,500mm for the 2,500kg version, and 1,710mm for the 1,500kg and 2,000kg options.

ZEPRO Z 1500-135ZEPRO Z 1500-155ZEPRO Z 1500-175ZEPRO Z 2000-135ZEPRO Z 2000-155ZEPRO Z 2000-175ZEPRO Z 2500-130ZEPRO Z 2500-150
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