The Hiab Auger S5 is perfectly matched to the corresponding earth drills and every task. A constant spiral configuration and a shallow pitch flight guarantee extreme efficiency and productivity. Suitable for cranes from 9 t/m up to 18 t/m.
Higher productivity by constant spiral configuration and the perfectly angled tooth holder.
Interchangeable pilots and teeth allow for differing ground conditions.
Easy fitting of teeth and pilots.
Patented Shock Lock-System: incorporating a shock absorbing rubber element to protect the tungsten carbide on the tooth assembly coupled with a solid locking pin prevent tooth loss.
High flexibility thanks to different auger extensions and telescopic extensions.
For Hiab Earth Drills 5500TC and 7000TC.


600HD 150HD 200HD 225HD 250HD 300HD 350HD 400HD 450HD 500HD 600HD 700HD 750HD 800HD 900HD1000SD 150SD 200SD 225SD 250SD 300SD 350SD 375SD 400SD 450SD 500SD 550SD 600SD 700SD 750SD 800SD 900SD 1000XD 150XD 200XD 225XD 250XD 300XD 350XD 400XD 450XD 500XD700XD 750XD 800XD 900XD 1000