Hiab FrameWorks is the pre-manufactured, fully bolted system with subframe solution to install the heavy range HIAB loader cranes. The patented installation package offers a standardised solution heavy crane subframes and it is complete with pump, tanks and auxiliary stabilizers.

Tougher without a doubt

Hiab FrameWorks means a rugged subframe with extreme torsion rigidity – for up to 40% greater stability.

The Hiab FrameWorks system is a CE-certified package that takes full advantage of Hiab manufacturing capabilities. Designed for fully automated production, including robot welding and advanced cataphoretic dip painting, create a lasting subframe with incredible torsion rigidity. The latter limits stress on the truck chassis and works with VSL or VSL PLUS to provide capacity-enhancing stability.

Faster without a doubt

Hiab FrameWorks is a modular system that minimises design work and cuts installation time by 75%.

Supplied ready-to-install for a specific truck and crane, a HIAB FRAMEWORKS solution eliminates days of calculation and design hassle, as well as weeks of installation labour. The subframe is bolted on using the included attachment kit, with no welding or grinding involved. Nor is any lateral plating needed on the Truck chassis.

Smarter without a doubt

Hiab FrameWorks saves you a great deal of effort, but it also saves you headaches by eliminating risk. Installing a crane in one quarter of the time is a valuable proposition. And so is the opportunity to spend less time on sourcing and quality control. 

But Hiab FrameWorks is smart in other ways too. All critical calculations are incorporated into the HHiab FrameWorks system, which leaves all the worry to us.

Ready without a doubt

Hiab FrameWorks is a full package that makes both delivery and future service a simple matter.

A Hiab FrameWorks solution is a complete solution that leaves nothing to chance. As well as the subframe, attachment kit and detailed mounting instructions, you get the oil tank and other key accessories along with the crane itself. That saves you sourcing elsewhere – and means easy access to Hiab spare parts and service down the road.