HiPerform smart solutions

Take a load off productivity and yourself

Hiab HiPerform is a suite of smart solutions that maximise the lifecycle value of your Hiab loader cranes, truck-mounted forklifts, tail lifts, and other load-handling equipment, by optimising the performance and productivity of operators, equipment and fleets. Just choose the proactive maintenance, telematics, or simulator training solutions that meet your needs.

As the solutions' availability varies from region to region, please check the availability with your local Hiab Customer Support Center.  

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Data-based decision making beats guesswork

In a world of changing parameters, it is better to base your decisions on data. HiPerform smart solutions improve productivity and performance at all levels from strategy to individual operators. Concentrate on your core business, take a load off your balance sheet and your mind with HiPerform.

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Can your whole fleet do the right thing at the right time?

Always know what your fleet is doing - and base your decisions on real-time data. Rest easy knowing that the equipment is available and does what it should, thanks to proactive maintenance. Train all the operators you need - and upskill your existing ones - with cost-efficient simulator training. 

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Less negative surprises, more planned positives

Equipment service  just got smarter. Hiab HiPerform helps you plan the maintenance of your Hiab load handling equipment based on near real time data. Our proactive fixed fee service packages prevent negative surprises and ensures more planned positives. A dedicated team of trained professionals and a wide service network delivers fast response and resolution. Take a load of maintenance and yourself.

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Reduce mistakes, grey hairs and training costs

At Hiab, safety always comes first. Maximise safety with the Hiab HiPerform suite of smart solutions. Near real time data shows how the operators use the equipment, making it easy to address safety issues and identify equipment failures. Proactive service ensures that the equipment never endangers safety. Our crane operator simulator training is the safest and most cost-efficient way to onboard and upskill your operators, minimising costly mistakes. Take a load of safety concerns and misuse.

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You’re a great operator, we’re great at supporting operators

The best crane operators deserve the best equipment and training. Hiab HiPerform optimises your equipment, creating the best possible working environment for you. Proactive service minimises unplanned downtime and ensures that your equipment never lets you down - or puts you at risk. Simulator training lets you train anytime, anywhere. 

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Let HiPerform take a load off your business

Our suite of smart solutions can help you maximise the life cycle value of your load handling equipment. Let us show you how.


Take a load off your workday with MyHiab operator app

MyHiab is your digital companion designed to assist operators of Hiab equipment in their daily tasks, facilitating smoother and more efficient operations.

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ProCare service contracts

ProCare is a comprehensive service contract solution for Hiab equipment. It provides proactive maintenance and expert assistance to maximise equipment performance, reliability and lifespan.


HiSkill crane operator training

HiSkill is a virtual reality training simulator to train new and experienced crane operators in a safe, scalable and cost-effective manner.


HiConnect equipment insights

HiConnect is a telematics solution that provides near real-time data access to Hiab equipment. This data is used to monitor the health and performance of equipment, identify potential issues, and make data-driven decisions about fleet safety and utilisation.