Hiab's new MOFFETT Pro FutureTM truck mounted forklifts make a difference to both animals and environment

MOFFETT | 6 july 2020 10:01 AM

Van den Eerenbeemt Fourage BV is a young, dynamic company located in Liessel, North Brabant, The Netherlands that specialises in the purchase and distribution of animal feedstuffs, animal bedding materials, and agricultural mulching materials such as hay, alfalfa, straw, sawdust, wood shavings, and other specialist products. Hiab has delivered two MOFFETT M4 ProFutureTM truck mounted forklifts to van den Eerenbeemt Fourage. 

The priority for van den Eerenbeemt was a reliable, lightweight truck mounted forklift that is easy to maintain, as their machines are in constant use and are maintained in the company's own workshop.

"One delivery might be to a large farm, with a fully paved yard, whilst the next might be to a muddy field at the back of someone's house, with narrow access, where they keep their horse," said Eric van den Eerenbeemt, Managing Director of van den Eerenbeemt. "The MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts can cope with both situations, and the delivery driver can be confident that he is safe inside the cab, yet has great visibility for unloading and set down of the load."

The MOFFETT M4 ProFutureTM features lower emissions of both CO2 and PM10 particulate matter, up to 32 percent lower fuel consumption, and reduced noise levels of -4dBA compared to the standard model. High performance levels, however, have been maintained and the speed of load lifting at idle engine speed has been increased by 40 percent.

"Most of our customers keep livestock, and with dairy cows in particular, it is important to keep noise levels to a minimum when working near them. Happy cows produce more milk, so the quietness of these new ProFutureTM truck mounted forklifts when in use is making a huge difference to the animals, and our customers are very happy about this," added van den Eerenbeemt.

The low weight of the equipment means that van den Eerenbeemt is able to maximise the payload of their delivery vehicles, as the MOFFETT truck mounted forklift is some 250kg lighter than its competitors. The M4 20.3 model has a lifting capacity of two tons, to a height of three metres, which is ideal for the variety and size of cargo that they deliver.

"Moreover, the ProFutureTM models have been approved by the Dutch government for corporate tax rebates due to their environmental credentials with. This is good news for small businesses, as it significantly reduces capital investment costs, and the low running costs make it very economical to use," concludes van Eerenbeemt.

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