Ambassador Rudolf Jantke

JONSERED | 6 july 2020 13:29 PM
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R. Jantke Recycling
Lachendorf, Germany

“We decided to invest in Hiab products because we were very happy with our previous Hiab. Hiab also followed up on the ideas we had and helped us find a suitable solution that can withstand really heavy recycling use every day.”

- Rudolf Jantke

Due to the increasing amount of waste produced by modern society, waste handling and recycling is a growing business. Urbanization,population growth and increasing consumption shape our environment, generating the need for greater sustainability and efficiency. It is in this rapidly evolving landscape that we find Rudolf Jantke. He’s busy keeping the wheels of the circular economy spinning as he transports waste to be fed back into the value chain.

Rudolf Jantke is the owner of R. Jantke Containerdienst, and he transports waste containers all over Germany. His recently-acquired truck is equipped with a JONSERED 1250RZ crane and a MULTILIFT XR18S hooklift.

“I collect dismantled and sorted trash at waste collection centres, and I transport containers that vary between 1 m3 to 40 m3 all over Germany,” Jankte explains.

For Jankte, the most important thing is to work quickly and not disrupt his customers’ business too much. The waste collection centres are not huge and the truck and container take up a lot of space. So, he needs to load efficiently. “I place containers at my customers’ waste handling sites for filling then pick them up later for transportation. I can change the type of container depending on what kind of waste I’m transporting and I use the Hiab crane to fill the containers. I don’t want to get in my customers’ way so it’s important for me to work fast,” Jantke tells us. Jantke has noticed the growth in recycling in recent years. “I expect the recycling business will grow even more in the years to come as more and more materials are being recycled. Modern manufacturers design their products to be recyclable from the start. Even my crane is recyclable,” he points out.

Booming business keeps Jankte and his MAN on the move, and his JONSERED and MULTILIFT equipment busy. He handles up to 320 containers each month. When Jantke was looking to invest in a new truck and loading equipment, his two main selection criteria were speed and durability. With his new truck, he has got both. Each load cycle now only takes 8 – 10 minutes.

“The great thing about the JONSERED crane is that it is so fast and agile. And the new MULTILIFT is so fast that I have been able to double the number of containers I can load,” Jantke tells us with a smile. He continues, “So the biggest benefit of combining a MULTILIFT hookloader and a JONSERERED recycling crane is that I can work so much faster!”

When Jantke chose Hiab products for his new truck, he drew on his previous experience. He had owned Hiab equipment before and was very satisfied with the service, quality and performance of the products. “Hiab has a broad portfolio of products and services to choose from and the company is easy to work with. Throughout the process, the sales people listened attentively to my needs. They helped me find the right combination of products for handling heavy recycling materials.”

Jantke is obviously passionate about his work. He is dedicated, enthusiastic and highly customer-oriented. It’s the customers’ needs that drive his business. And when it comes to meeting those needs, he and his truck have proved to be a very successful team. “A perfect day for me is when I can stand with a cup of coffee in my hand, look at my truck, and feel satisfied with the job I am doing.”