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Gru da carico
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Gru forestali
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Riciclaggio gru
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Carrelli elevatori autotrasportati
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Scarrabili e le Multibenne
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Forestry Cranes

LOGLIFT 18Z - Next generation cranes for next generation operators. This all new 18 tm cut-to-length crane is designed to improve efficiency thanks to increased lifting power and longer outreaches while maintaining the highest safety standards. The hose routing is improved and fully protected inside the boom system to minimize the risk of unplanned downtime, so you can continue working all day, everyday with the maximum performance.
The next generation has arrived.

Known for their quality, reliability and durability, LOGLIFT cranes have been helping forestry people bring timber to the paper and sawmills efficiently and safely for over 50 years.

Easy to operate and service, and designed for comfortable operation, the new generation of LOGLIFT cranes feature digital solutions that reduce unplanned downtime, increase productivity with improved operator safety – key features for the new generation of operators.

You can count on LOGLIFT to deliver efficient, reliable equipment and services that give you a competitive edge and boost your bottom line.

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Specifiche del modello

Sbraccio estensione idraulica (M)
Peso (kg)
18Z OUT10418Z OUT8618Z OUT98


LOGLIFT 18Z - 360 view

LOGLIFT 18Z - What values next generation cranes bring to you

LOGLIFT 18Z - The next generation of forestry cranes has arrived

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