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Gru da carico
Gru da carico
Gru forestali
Gru forestali
Riciclaggio gru
Riciclaggio gru
Carrelli elevatori autotrasportati
Carrelli elevatori autotrasportati
Scarrabili e le Multibenne
Scarrabili e le Multibenne
Sponde montacarichi
Sponde montacarichi

World Crane Championship


The World Crane Championship exposes the contestants’ true skills and precision at maximum speed. The race track consists of eight obstacles, which need to be conquered in a set sequence. The operator with the shortest time needed – including any penalties – wins the competition.

Introducing a completely new track, the 2022 edition will separate the true pro from the amateurs. Challenge crane drivers from around the world in a competition where the winner receives prizes adding up to a value of €25,000.

All crane operators are welcome to enter.

Only one can return home as a LEGEND.

Qualifying rounds and final
During 2022, qualifying competitions will be held in several countries.

Country Contact Dates
Denmark SAWO May 6-8
Switzerland Notterkran June 8-14
Slovenia ARKO June 10
France Hiab France June 20-24
UK & Ireland Hiab UK & Ireland
June 29 - July 3
Poland Hiab Poland July 13-18
Finland Hiab Finland August 13
Sweden Hiab Sweden August 24-27
Germany Hiab Germany TBD


The winner from each country immediately qualifies to enter the final at the IAA Transportation fair in Hannover, Germany, September 24–25, 2022.

Sign up with the link below to receive more information on your local qualifications taking place during the spring and summer 2022.

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